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Doctor Who: Ten Best Moments From HEAVEN SENT

Nick Brent counts down the 2 billion best moments from Heaven Sent...

Mr Gatiss take note. That is how you do an experimental episode. Wow! A round of applause is deserved for this one I think. What an episode!

Spoilers will follow.

10. The Confession Dial
This was an interesting one and has left me somewhat perplexed but the Doctor being inside his confession dial was actually a pretty neat idea. It’s going to need some explaining though because he’s had hold of his confession dial all series. Perhaps I’ve missed something but I’m confused now. But yeah, cool idea anyway.

9. The Doctor’s Storm Room
I’ll be honest, when I first watched this I thought Moffat had got himself muddled up with Sherlock (all we needed was some on screen text), but I love it on rewatch. It provided a nice change of pace in what was a pretty slow moving story and also showed off just how clever the Doctor is, but most importantly it continued to portray the Doctor’s grief for Clara in that she is still there in his head.

8. Clara
As I said above it was touching to see that Clara is imprinted in his mind, and whilst originally I didn’t care for her small speaking role, I have grown to like it as it really does show just how much he still cares for her and that he is still grieving and can’t move on from her.

7. The Veil
The Veil was actually surprisingly creepy, more so than I was expecting. I never normally get scared at television or films but when it burst through the grave, I will admit it did cause me to jump, leaving hot chocolate down my shirt! Thanks for that!

6. Gruesomeness
This is a rarity in Doctor Who and I’m surprised that viewers haven't complained to Ofcom yet! Blood is a very rare thing in Who and I was shocked at just how gory it was - the make up effects on Peter looked incredibly realistic and I’m wondering how many small children had nightmares - I know I would have!

5. Murray Gold
This episode might just contain some of Murray’s greatest work. I actually thought I was listening to the Barry Lyndon soundtrack, and at one point it felt like 80’s Who.

4. Time Loops
“And the shepherd's boy says…"
The moment everything finally made sense. I don’t think I’ve smiled so much during an episode, seeing everything falling into place and seeing the Doctor getting closer and closer to breaking the wall (yes, despite my rant about scientific inaccuracies in Kill The Moon, I found myself able to suspend disbelief for this one, even if it’s impossible). The music that accompanied it was amazing too - a great variation of ‘This Time There’s Three of Us’, which provided a great sense of hope for the Doctor.

3. Rachel Talalay’s Direction
I honestly think this was the most beautiful looking episode of the series. Possibly even since Nick Hurran’s work on The Day of the Doctor. I must say that the TARDIS has never looked so good!

Come back for series 10 please, Rachel. I’m a sucker for a dolly zoom so was very pleased when I saw one of those!

2. Peter Capaldi
Does it really need saying again? I have said it for the past ten weeks, but I can’t stress enough, that Peter is perfect in the role. Almost 55 minutes of Peter by himself… I’d like to see that more often. So good.

1. That Cliffhanger
At long last we have returned to Gallifrey. Unfortunately the BBC foolishly spoiled this cliffhanger but it was great anyway. Then the Doctor apparently reveals himself to be the hybrid in an awesome CSI Miami sunglasses-putting-on fashion - someone edit that please! I have a feeling that it was actually a red herring like the cliffhanger in The Magician’s Apprentice and that by ‘me’, the Doctor actually means ‘me’ as in Ashildr/Me. Where was the ‘To Be Continued’ card though?

Argh! Just like last week I am finding it stupidly hard to write about this episode. I think I’m going to have to write a big piece on this year’s three part series finale as a whole, because there's so much more to say than I have here; so far, they’re too good!

Hopefully next week turns out to be as good as it looks. If it does, we might just have one of the best series finales of the last ten years on our hands.

But before then, what did you think of Heaven Sent?

Nick is a 2000 year old alien who travels through time and space, saving the good and conquering the evil... or so he likes to think. 

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