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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: Nov 15th to Nov 21st

We're searching out space this week in Doctor Who history...

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November 15th
It's back to the 'all teeth and curls' era to get us underway this week in Doctor Who history, with two fine Fourth Doctor stories both coming to an end. From 1975 we have part four Pyramids of Mars, broadcast at 5:45pm and watched by 11.7 million viewers, and five years later the fourth part of Full Circle had 5.5 million pairs of eyed watching.

Moving into the 1980's, 1986 to be exact, and the Sixth Doctor is facing part eleven of The Trial Of A Time Lord, which saw 5.3 million tune in for the third installment of Terror of the Vervoids. Three years later and the end of classic Who was nigh when part four of The Curse of Fenric arrived on this day with just 4.2 million sets of eyed tuned in to witness.

In 2009 another era was coming to the end - that of the Tenth Doctor. But before The End of Time 10.32 million viewers would take a dip in The Waters of Mars.

Finally for this day we have episode one of Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, a story which, unsurprisingly, comes from the CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures, broadcast in 2010 on Monday November 15th. The 0.82 million viewers would only have to wait 24 hours to catch the second part...

November 16th
Three part threes to begin this day. Firstly, one from the Second Doctor adventure The Invasion which was broadcast on this day 47 years ago to 7.1 million viewers. Five regenerations later and we have 1987's Delta and the Bannermen, and the following year's The Happiness Patrol. Respectively they were watched by 5.4 and 5.3 million viewers.

A double dose of Who treats arrived on this day as part of the 2007 and 2012 Children In Need appeals. Above you'll find the fifth and the tenth starring in Time Crash, and below we have the prequel to The Snowmen, The Great Detective.

And, as promised, we mustn't forget part two of the 2010 The Sarah Jane Adventures story Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith for the 0.81 million eager CBBC viewers.

November 17th
Now the Doctor has become fully acquainted with The Creature from the Pit it's time to break-up, as the fourth and final part of this story was broadcast on this day in 1979 at 6:03pm, and watched by 9.6 million viewers viewers.

Then, what would the day be without The Sarah Jane Adventures? Good job we have episode two of The Mark of the Berserker, broadcast on this day in 2008 to 0.87 million viewers.

November 18th
On this day in Doctor Who history we have episode two of the Second Doctor adventure The Ice Warriors. Broadcast in 1967 at 5:24pm and watched by 7.1 million viewers, which was just 0.5 million less than were tuned in to part four of The Stones of Blood eleven years later.

Also on this day, in 1961 the man who would one day be the Executive Producer of Doctor Who was born. Happy birthday Steven Moffat!

November 19th
Episode three of the Second Doctor's debut adventure The Power of the Daleks was broadcast on this day in 1966 and watched by 7.5 million viewers. Also on this day we have part four of Image of the Fendahl, which first aired in 1977 and was watched by 9.1 million viewers.

Then it's spin-off time, and the Torchwood team enjoy a 'nice' day out of the city in the Countrycide. Broadcast in 2006 at 10:00pm, this episode was watched by 1.22 million viewers. The following year we have 1.33 million tuned in for part one of The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Lost Boy. Finally for this day, in 2009 it's another episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and that would be part one of The Gift which was watched by 0.95 million viewers.

November 20th
The second episode of The Daleks' Master Plan, titled Day of Armageddon, was broadcast on this day in 1965 and watched by 9.8 million viewers. Eleven years later, the fourth and final part of The Deadly Assassin was watched by 11.8 million viewers.

The second episode of the 40th Anniversary animated web adventure Scream of the Shalka was released onto the BBC's Doctor Who website at noon on this day in 2003. And finally for this day, CBBC viewers were keen to see episode two of The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Gift, so good job they only had to wait 24 hours between installments! When the second part aired in 2009, 0.89 million were watching.

Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Scream of the Shalka: Episode Two was broadcast in 2003 at 12:00pm Factual: The Country Club was broadcast in 2006 at 1:10am The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Gift: Episode Two was broadcast in 2009 at 4:34pm, watched by 0.89 million viewers.

November 21st
There's an anniversary looming, and back in 1964 to celebrate the very successful first year of Doctor Who, the most popular of enemies was bought back for their second outing. The Dalek Invasion of Earth began on this day with an episode titled World's End, and a whooping 11.4 million viewers were glued to their televisual sets witnessing the event. Forty nine years later An Adventure In Space And Time admirably recreated this early period of the show, with 2.71 million tuned in to the BBC Two broadcast that Thursday night.

Finally for this week, a bit of an oddity for you, and one broadcast during the wilderness years - almost a year after the final episode of Survival aired. Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred returned to the roles of Seventh Doctor and Ace for Search Out Space, an episode of the children's education programme Search Out Science. And you can 'enjoy' it below...

But is it canon?

Did you watch any of these adventures live? Did you learn anything new from Search Out Space? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next Sunday... 

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