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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: Dec 20th to Dec 26th

It's Christmas time this week in Doctor Who history...

Click on any red text to read our full retrospectives/reviews for that episode. All dates and viewing figures are for UK premier broadcasts unless otherwise stated.

December 20th
December 20th is a rare Winter's day in Doctor Who history. In the Summer months we're used to no Who gracing our screens but to date no actual episodes of the show have received their premiere broadcast on British television on December 20th.

However, back in 2010 there was a series of the popular BBC2 quiz programme Celebrity Eggheads produced in aid of Children In Need - a charity event that Doctor Who has a long relationship with. On this day at 6pm 2.4 million viewers tuned in to a Doctor Who special. The celebrity team featured Colin Baker, Katy Manning, Frazer Hines, Louise Jameson and John Leeson. A clip of the episode is below...

December 21st
I may be wrong but I think that Dalek only wants Barbara to help him put a star on the top of his Christmas tree. Poor thing, he hasn't got his extendable grabber device thingy working properly yet.

Oh. What's that? Turns out I am wrong. It's actually episode 1 of The Daleks, entitled The Dead Planet, which was broadcast on this day in 1963. 6.9 million viewers tuned in to catch Barbara cornered by a man waving a sink plunger (the actual Dalek prop wasn't ready for this episode), and within a couple of weeks Dalekmania would sweep the country essentially sealing Doctor Who's future.

In 1968 The Invasion was coming to an end, with 7 million watching episode 8. Fast forward twenty years and five Doctors and we have 5.3 million tuning on to part two of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

December 22nd
That's the last time the Doctor samples the Brigadier's home made loganberry wine at the UNIT Christmas party. Turned him quite queezy it did, so much so he needed a sit down.

Good thing too, as he was just in time for part 2 of The Time Warrior which was broadcast on this day in 1973. Six years later The Horns Of Nimon got underway. Who had the more viewers? Well that'll be the Third Doctor story which was watched by 7 million viewers, exactly 1 million more viewers than his successors had. 

December 23rd
Well, it's nearly Christmas isn't it. Go on Troughton, treat yourself to that Cuban cigar. You've earned it.

Rediscovered in 2013, the Second Doctor adventure The Enemy of the World began on this day in 1967. Episode 1 was watched by 6.80 million viewers. Also getting underway on this day was the 1978 Fourth Doctor adventure The Power of Kroll. 6.5 million sets of eyes were watching.

December 24th
A Christmas Eve treat was awaiting the 6.8 million viewers who were tuned in to BBC One at 5.50pm on this day in 1966. Little did they know, but they would be the only people in the UK to watch episode 2 of The Highlanders, as sadly this and the other 3 parts of the story are all missing, presumed wiped.

Remember folks, it's Christmas for Weevils too. Get them a nice intensive 24hr moisture gift set. They're worth it. Then settle down and snuggle up with the 0.83 million other Weevil lovers (not fighters) and watch Combat, the eleventh episode of season one of Torchwood, which was first broadcast in 2006 at 9:30pm.

December 25th
To date 11 episodes of Doctor Who have been broadcast on Christmas Day. Which one do you think has been the most popular? (hint, the image above is kind of a massive clue) If you've still not got it then join us as we go through them all in ascending order of the most amount of viewers. Feel free to cue up the Pick Of The Pops music, and let the countdown begin...

Greetings Who lovers. Hold on to tight as your Doctor Who Christmas chart is coming right up, alright.

Just outside the top 10 it's the First Doctor, the original if you will. He's enjoying The Feast Of Steven which is all part of The Daleks' Master Plan. Not only was it the very first Doctor Who episode to be broadcast on Christmas Day, but there wouldn't be another for 40 years. Crikey! 1965 was the date and 7.9 million groovy viewers tuned in. Alright pop-pickers? Stick around for that all important top 10..

At 10, it's Last Christmas from last Christmas. Confused? So was the Twelfth Doctor, it was all a dream. Or was it? 8.28 million of Britain's finest can tell you.

Moving on to 9, and it's 2006 all of a sudden. Look it's the The Runaway Bride. Who's she running from? Not David Tennant that's for sure, and not the 9.3 million lovely viewers. Nice...

In at 8, look out for those Santas - it's The Christmas Invasion. The numbers that matter are 2005 and 9.84 million viewers. Not 'arf!

With a leap to 2012, we're walking in the air with 9.87 million others. Wrap up warm because your 7th placed Festive Who offering comes in the form of The Snowmen. And we're on to 6...

I don't know about you pop-pickers but it's not my cup of tea, still 10.77 million of you joined The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe back in 2011. I blame the Christmas sherry myself! Alright?

Now it's your top 5, and he was only a young whippersnapper when he got the part but by Christmas Day 2013 Matt Smith's swansong, The Time of the Doctor, had 11.14 million of you beautiful viewers hooked on Trenzalore and dancing like a drunk giraffe. Putting this episode into 5th place in our Doctor Who Christmas Day top 10. Smashing...

The Master eats a cheeseburger? What no turkey sandwiches? This Christmas day treat in 2009 was watched by 12.04 million of the nation's finest. What was it I hear you cry? Why it was The End of Time: Part One of course, and it sits in fourth position. But now it's your all important top 3, stay bright...

In in at 3 it's A Christmas Carol. I once knew a girl called Carol pop-pickers, sad story there but best save it for another day. Maybe she was one of the 12.11 million who tuned in to Aunty Beeb in 2010. I wouldn't know as she doesn't return my calls anymore. Moving on...

Now it's your runner up. Taking the second place in our top 10 it's the lovely David Tennant, with a little help from my old pal David Morrissey as The Next Doctor, except of course he wasn't. A staggering 13.1 million tuned in at 6:00pm back in 2008. A good effort but it wasn't enough to topple the previous year's episode. Stay tuned for that all important number 1...

All aboard. Tickets please. Top of the Pops is the one with the Queen of Pop. The antipodean songstress, tiny Kylie Minogue was taking a trip on the Voyage of the Damned, Christmas Day 2007. Her ticket was stamped by 13.31 million people...and that's not some kind of euphemism by the way.

And that's your Doctor Who Christmas Day top 10 countdown. Stick around because if it was 2008 and you pressed the red button then Attack of the Graske was available for your viewing pleasure. Not 'arf... but half a million people did just that. Alright? Happy Christmas pop-pickers. Have a great one!

December 26th
OK, let's get things back to normal to finish the week.

Boxing Day 1964 saw the final episode of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, entitled Flashpoint, broadcast at 5:58pm. 12.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the First Doctor bid adieu to his Granddaughter, as Susan became the first member of the original cast to leave the series.

So did you watch any of these adventures live? We'd love to hear your memories about any of them. Tell us in the comments below.

And incidentally, from all of us here at WarpedFactor, a happy Christmas to all of you at home... bottoms up! 

Until next Sunday...

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