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COLONY Episode 3 Review: 98 Seconds

Stop the clock...

Now that's more like it!

Episode three of Colony delivers a much more satisfying 45 minutes than the previous installment, despite giving us next to no new insight into the invaders, who they are, what they look like or what they want.

We're 341 days into the occupation and the citizens of the Los Angeles Bloc are also none the wiser as to any of the above questions. But a small group of resistance fighters are making their presence felt, and this is the area of the show that's proving the most intriguing to watch. Frankly, I wouldn't be bothered if we didn't get all of the answers needed as the V-like plight of Geronimo and the Resistance (dibs on band name) is what's making this series a must watch.

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and his partner Apollo Creed (Apollo Creed) had very little to do this week, outside of clearing up after Will's wife and the Resistance (you can have that band name, it's shite). 98 Seconds was very much a Katie Bowman centric episode, and I have to admit that in spite of my (likely unjustified) reservations towards Sarah Wayne Callies her character is far the more interesting of the two leads.

Her reactions to the partially successful mission, and The Walking Dead style chaos going on around her (drones turning up to fill in for zombies), made for a brilliantly strong start to proceedings. Equally strong were Katie's Lady Macbeth audition and the frantic moment of sexy time in the bathroom. In fact, the whole episode never let up, with great performances from all the key players and the very welcome reappearance of Peter Jacobson as Proxy Alan Snyder. Just like the Smoking Man from The X-Files, Snyder could so easily steal this show.

Elsewhere, Bram's discovery of a sewer leading straight under the wall is interesting, although surely other people have thought of this way out before now, right? I know that when I was watching the pilot weeks back it was one of the potential exit routes I instantly considered. All the same, his girlfriend Pia has sworn him to secrecy. Let's see how long that lasts shall we?

So, in the grand style of Carlton Cuse's previous television foray, Lost, we leave this episode with more questions than when we went in. Let's add to the list, how did Phyllis get all the information so quickly? What's Bram up to with his teacher? Is Jennifer hiding something? What's the deal with that creepy tutor/child-minder? Oh, and who the hell calls a bar The Yonk? If it wasn't for the fact that they have zero competition that name would put an establishment out of business in no time!

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