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30 Famous People Who Guest Starred on THE X-FILES

During the course of its 10 seasons, 208 episodes and 2 feature films The X-Files featured an absurd number of guest actors, some of which were quite well known, others finding their first break but going on to become household names. So we've rounded up 30 famous people who you more than likely know but might not realise that you saw them on The X-Files.

1. Bryan Cranston 
Yep, Walter White himself, breaking bad back in 1998 as Patrick Crump in the season 6 episode, Drive.

2. Dean Norris
Sticking in Breaking Bad territory, Walter's brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, played by Dean Norris guest starred as Marshal Tapia in the 1995 episode F. Emasculata.

3. Aaron Paul
One more Breaking Bad star for you. It's Aaron Paul, who appeared in the season 9 episode Lord of the Flies, playing David 'Sky Commander Winky' Winkle

4. Jane Lynch
There are very few shows from the last 20 years that Jane Lynch hasn't guest starred on, just check out her IMDB resume, and one of them is The X-Files where she featured alongside Aaron Paul in Lord of the Flies, playing Mrs. Anne T. Lokensgard.

5. Mark Sheppard
Like Jane Lynch, Mark Sheppard has been in just absolutely anything you could name, but one of his very first acting roles was playing Bob the Caretaker in the 1993 episode Fire.

6. Mark Pellegrino
From the King of Hell to Lucifer himself. Supernatural and Lost alum Pellegrino played Derwood Spinks in the 1999 episode Hungry.

7. Terry O'Quinn
Another Lost actor who, before he starred as John Locke, played three different roles on The X-Files. O'Quinn first appeared in the 1995 episode Aubrey as Lt. Brian Tillman, he followed this up with a role in the 1998 movie, playing Special Agent in Charge Darius Michaud, finally he returned in 2002 as Shadow Man in the season 9 episode of the same name.

8. Michael Emerson 
One final Lost actor for you. It's Michael Emerson who guest-starred as Oliver Martin in the 2002 episode Sunshine Days.

9. Jack Black 
Jack Black played Bart 'Zero' Liquori in the season 3 episode D.P.O., and he was joined by...

10. Giovanni Ribisi
Ribisi played Darin Peter Oswald in the same 1995 episode.

11. Michael Bublé
Primarily known as a multi-platinum recording artist, before he hit the charts Michael Bublé paid the rent working as an extra. He appeared uncredited in the two part season 3 story, Piper Maru and Apocrypha, playing a submarine sailor.

12. Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu played Kim Hsin in the 1996 episode Hell Money, an episode that also featured...

13. B.D. Wong
The season 3 episode saw B.D. Wong play the bad cop, Det. Glen Chao.

14. Luke Wilson
Sporting some mighty fine false teeth, Luke Wilson starred as Sheriff Hartwell in the 1998 episode Bad Blood.

15. Ryan Reynolds
20 years ago, the Deadpool star played Jay De Boom in the season 3 episode Syzvgy.

16. Burt Reynolds 
Ryan's Dad (not) appeared as Mr. Burt, and possibly God, in the season 9 episode Improbable.

17. Shia LaBeouf 
A very young Shia LaBeouf played Richie Lupone in the season 7 episode The Goldberg Variation.

18. Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin had a recurring guest role in seasons 8 and 9. He played Knowle Rohrer just prior to jumping aboard Serenity and joining the cast of Firefly, alongside...

19. Jewel Staite
In 1995, when she was just 13, Staite played Amy Jacobs in the episode Oubliette.

20. Seth Green
Seth Green played Emil in the second ever episode of The X-Files, Deep Throat.

21. Bruce Campbell
Groovy! Campbell played Wayne Weinsider in the season 6 episode Terms of Endearment.

22. Donal Logue
Currently to be found in Gotham, a very fresh faced Donal Logue played Agent Tom Colton in the season 1 episode Squeeze.

23. Felicity Huffman
Before she became both Desperate and a Housewife, Felicity Huffman appeared as Dr. Nancy Da Silva in the season 1 episode Ice, an episode which also guest-starred...

24. Xander Berkeley
You'll know him from 24, Nikita, Salem and many other places, but back in 1993 he played Dr. Hodge in The X-Files.

25. Danny Trejo
The Machete star played Cesar Ocampo in the season 8 episode Redrum.

26. Brad Dourif
Character actor Brad Dourif guest-starred as Luther Lee Boggs in the season 1 episode Beyond The Sea.

27. Tyler Labine
Labine has played the same unnamed character three times on The X-Files. He could be seen as a stoner in two season 3 episodes, War of the Coprophages and Quagmire, and he resurrected the role for The X-Files revival, appearing in the third episode of the 2016 mini-series, Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster.

28. Garry Shandling
Remember when The X-Files went a bit meta and produced an episode revolving around a movie being made about the central characters? Good, then you'll remember that Shandling played himself playing David Duchovny playing Fox Mulder in the season 7 episode Hollywood A.D. But who would play Gillian Anderson playing Dana Scully?...

29. Téa Leoni
Clearly it was a job for Duchovny's real life wife of the time, Téa Leoni.

30. Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster provided the voice of Betty the tattoo in the 1997 episode Never Again.

Did you know all of them? And have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below and we'll update the list.

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