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Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Chris Morley is not a scientist. But he knows all things begin and end in eternity.

With the Thirteenth Doctor's regeneration ending in a sharp fall back to Earth after seemingly being ejected from the TARDIS, are we about to see the new incarnation spending an extended period, at least her first few episodes, down here on our little planet?

Of course its been done before in the immediate aftermath of another such change...........

Crashing is nothing new either!

But we might ponder the reason for Sexy's hissy fit - is it, as some have suggested, a sign of disapproval? Or might it simply be the case that the damage inflicted by the explosive change forced it to engage the HADS, or Hostile Action Displacement System, as first seen in The Krotons & then used again during the events of Cold War, to take itself somewhere else to repair?
DOCTOR: Well it only does that, you see, if I remember to set the HADS.
ZOE: The what?
DOCTOR: The HADS. The Hostile Action Displacement System. If the TARDIS is attacked, it automatically dematerialises. Now, I think it's safe for us to move now.
How long those repairs will take as yet nobody knows. But how the Doctor would cope minus arguably her most faithful of companions could surely prove the biggest test of her mettle at least on screen, Jodie Whittaker already having had to fend off so called traditionalists, keyboard warriors & media sceptics since first being confirmed as Peter Capaldi's replacement.

A glance at the setting for the all too brief post Wimbledon trailer announcing her casting may also provide another clue to taking things back to where it all began in a sense. Remember after all Oxley Woods....
HENDERSON: You've no idea who he is?
MUNRO: Not a clue. We found him unconscious beside a police box, of all things.
HENDERSON: In the middle of the woods?
MUNRO: Yes. We thought he was dead at first.
The fact she's wearing the hoodie so often favoured by her previous self would suggest that she is at least continuing the post-2005 trend for all incoming Doctors to start their adventures in a corner of the galaxy they've previously put a lot of work into protecting? Christopher Eccleston fought off the Autons in Henrik's during his own introduction in Rose, David Tennant saved Christmas from the Sycorax, Matt Smith managed to persuade the Atraxi to leave us be at The Eleventh Hour & Peter Capaldi does a Tennant for a bit before swapping his jim jams for something more fitting & solving the riddle of the Half Faced Man.

Perhaps as a slight hangover from the last days of the first classically Earthbound Doctor, coming in the debonair form of Jon Pertwee, his successor had one final UNIT assignment to complete before he decided he had better things to do!
SARAH: Wait, you can't just go.
DOCTOR: Why not? It's a free cosmos.
SARAH: The Brigadier.
DOCTOR: The Brigadier wants me to address the Cabinet, have lunch at Downing Street, dinner at the Palace, and write seventeen reports in triplicate. Well, I won't do it. I won't, I won't, I won't.
It's tempting to suggest that the new Doctor will take a similar line, having worked on & off with Kate Stewart as part of the new look organisation. New face means new personality as we know, which often means direct contrast to what went before. How best, then, for her to blend in if she chooses not to revisit a former stamping ground? She has of course done the same with Coal Hill School not once but twice, the second time taking up an old job offer & becoming the caretaker having initially turned it down in favour of keeping tabs on the Hand of Omega. Well, wouldn't you?

At least if we do get a sort of exile to Earth Mark II BBC budget cuts will most likely not be to blame...... the final few stories of the Second Doctor's run acting as a trial period of sorts just prior to the move to colour television, his sentencing to exile at the conclusion of The War Games spelling its beginning, not that he was too happy about it looking back!
TIME LORD: We have noted your particular interest in the planet Earth. The frequency of your visits must have given you special knowledge of that world and it's problems.
DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose that's true. Earth seems more vulnerable than others, yes.
TIME LORD: For that reason you will be sent back to that planet.
DOCTOR: Oh, good.
TIME LORD: In exile.
DOCTOR: In exile?
TIME LORD: You will be sent to Earth in the twentieth century, and will remain there for as long as we deem proper, and for that period the secret of the TARDIS will be taken from you.
DOCTOR: But can't condemn me to exile on one primitive planet in one century in time! Besides, I'm known on the Earth. It might be very awkward for me.
Might we even go so far as to look into the idea that as part of the regenerative process the Thirteenth also loses some or, if Chris Chibnall were to fancy being really daring, all knowledge of the workings of the ship she's called home for a great many years now?

Amnesia is of course nothing new, as we know from the beginnings of the Eighth Doctor's tenure & her immediate predecessor's own apparent lack of ability to recall how to fly what he had called ''the ship'' in his earliest days.

Of course even as a younger man he had no real clue what he was doing either, so in a sense things would be going full circle for both the woman now in charge of it & the planet closest to her hearts.

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