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FRAK OFF!!!! 28 Geeky Ways To Swear

It's neither big nor clever... but it can be frelling funny! Your favourite Sci-fi and Fantasy shows are always looking for new network television friendly ways to swear, so we've rounded up 28 of the very best for you to cuss out your friends with...

Clearly this page is both NSFW and not suitable for the younglings.

Adventure Time
  • Lump - Kid friendly replacement for Fuck!

Babylon 5
  • Frag - Fuck

Battlestar Galactica
  • Frak - Sometimes spelt Frack, but always meaning Fuck. Popularised by the dark and gritty Battlestar Galactica remake from a decade back, but it was first used in the original 1978 ABC Television series.
  • Felgercarb - Exclusive to the original series, and meaning Crap.

  • Mogadored - Buggered.

  • Dren - Crap
  • Eema - Arse
  • Frell - Another substitute for Fuck, and one of the best. 
  • Hezmata - Hell
  • Mivonks - Testicles
  • Trel'ik - Whore

  • Goram - Sometimes spelt Gorram, substitute for Goddamn.
  • Rutting - Fucking

Game of Thrones
  • Graddakh - Dothraki for Shit

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
  • Belgium -  The foulest word that can be uttered, except on Earth, where we're too dumb to get it.
  • "I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle" - Translated into the Vl'hurg language this is the most dreadful insult imaginable.
  • Zark - Fuck

Mork and Mindy
  • Shazbot - Crap

Red Dwarf
  • Smeg - Generic swear term

The Smurfs
  • Smurf - As the Smurfs use the word Smurf as their go to noun of choice, technically it could also be a swear word.

Star Trek
Klingon swear words...
  • Baktag - Shit
  • Sa'Hut - Arse
Ferengi swear words...
  • Frinx - Shit
Romulan swear words...
  • Amtonâ wi-kha nvaihr - Whore
  • Hnaev - Crap
  • Wort - Bastard

Star Wars
  • Poodoo - Crap

Stargate SG-1
  • Mik'ta - Arse
Got any more for us? Let us know your favourite fictional swear words from the wide world of geek and we'll update the collection. (Comments below...)

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