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The Cast Of “Las Vegas”: Where Are They Now?

If you’re one of those who’ve followed the Las Vegas series on NBC and were disappointed in its abrupt cancelation in 2008 after only 5 seasons, you may be wondering what happened to the cast and where they are now. It’s been almost 10 years and surely, a lot has happened over the years. 

Where could James Caan, who masterfully plays Ed Deline, and those who played his crack surveillance team be hanging out these days and what interesting things are they doing with their lives? 

Las Vegas is a crime drama TV series about this badass surveillance crew, led by Ed Deline, who are watching over the Montecito Resort, at the Sin City. This fictional casino resort resembles many high-end places in Vegas like the Bellagio where poker games like Texas Holdem and Omaha High are very popular.

The show was created by Gary Scott Thompson and was well-loved for its fast-paced action. Fans are heavily invested in the characters and the actors who played them.

In this series, Deline’s crack surveillance team watches the patrons of the resort play and try to win at the casino, checking for anyone who would try to cheat on the house. Let’s take a sneak peek at their activities and whereabouts today.

Nikki Cox
Cox received some criticisms in her overall performance on the show over the years. Sadly for the actress, her career has been in decline since the last season ended. She did have a small role in the TV movie entitled “A Christmas Wedding Tail” aired in 2011 but she hasn’t made much appearance ever since. The last thing we heard of her is that she gave birth to her first son, Meredith Daniel in the same year.
Vanessa Marcil
Marcil has had much more luck than Cox so far in terms of her TV career. Since the show ended, she’s been working both in film and TV sporadically. In several episodes of “General Hospital”, Marcil made some reappearances and she was also given some small roles in shows like Lipstick Jungle and Hawaii Five-O. In 2013, she finalized her divorce with her ex husband Carmine Giovanazzo.

James Lesure
Lesure happily accepted a part for the hit sitcom “Men at Work” after the least season of Las Vegas. He explicitly shared how happy he was with his new colleagues and that all of them just had this natural chemistry working together.

Proof of his good performance manifested in the other projects he’s been getting after that including the TV series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”. He also appeared in a TV movie called Libby and Malcolm. In his latest show, “Good Girls” he plays FBI agent Turner and it’s still currently running. 

Molly Sims
There were a few shows where Sims had made guest appearances after Las Vegas, including “Royal Pains” and “The Carrie Diaries” though she didn’t have a regular TV gig quite like Las Vegas. 

She was still fortunate to be given supporting roles in some movies such as “Venus and Vegas” which doesn’t stray far from the series’ theme. She also appeared in the “Chez Upshaw” film. Sims married film producer Scott Stuber in 2011. The following year, the couple had their first child, Brooks. 

Tom Selleck
One of the most successful in the cast after the TV show, Tom Selleck kept starring in other TV series like “Blue Bloods” where he plays NYPD Commissioner Reagan. He also starred in the TV movie that was based on Robert B. Parker where he played Jesse Stone. 

Aside from acting in both TV and film, Selleck has also produced some of the films he was in. 

Marsha Thomason
Fans were quite happy to see Marsha Thomason again in her role as the FBI agent Diana Barrigan on “White Collar”. She also starred alongside James Lesure as a guest on “Men at Work” and with Vanessa Marcil on General Hospital. 

The popular TV show “2 Broke Girls” also had Thomason as a guest star. She gave birth to her daughter in 2013.

James Caan
One that’s been really busy since the show has been cancelled was James Caan. He starred in three movies in 2014 including “The Outsiders” and “Sweetwater”. He also appeared in other TV shows like “Hawaii Five-O” as well as “Back in the Game”.

Though he hasn’t had a lot of TV appearances after his next series, Caan has been in a bunch of movies like Sicillian Vampire, The Red Maple Leaf, and this year, Out of the Blue which is currently in post-production. 

Josh Duhamel
Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Josh Duhamel who played the chief security officer, Danny McCoy in the show. He’s had projects ahead of him since Las Vegas has been canceled like “You’re Not You” and “Strings”.

Shortly after the last season of Las Vegas, Duhamel married Stacey “Fergie” Ferguson who gave birth to their first son, Axl the next year. The actor has been pretty busy since then, even hosting the Kid’s Choice Awards in 2013. He starred with Julianne Hough in the movie Safe Haven in the same year.

Las Vegas was a huge hit ever since it first aired in 2003 so it’s only natural for the fans to wonder where this badass security team is now. Most of the people who loved watching the show also liked playing casino games which you can find in 888 poker if you’re looking for poker online.  

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