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How to Manage Your Emails Like A Pro

We make extensive use of emails for communicating with friends, relatives, colleagues and also our business partners, and other stakeholders. Over the years, it is quite possible that we could have thousands of mails building up in our inbox and sent box. It is extremely important to manage them efficiently. This will help us to dig out mails easily even if they are quite old. Further you certainly would like your mails to be organized depending on your specific needs and requirements. It could be based on the sender, or you may want it to be arranged based on the date on which the messages were sent and so on. Hence, you need a good mail management system. Though most email providers have their own methods and ways by which you could manage your mails, it would not be a bad idea to look at something that is new and more in tune with changing needs. We will look at one such application that perhaps allows you to manage your mails more efficiently. It will certainly be interesting for all those who are keen on ensuring that they get the required information that could be stored in mails that could be many years old.

Thunderbird Portable Solution
When we talk about Thunderbird portable, we are actually referring to a free email program. It comes with a number of options that PC users might find interesting and useful. It will perhaps even help them to do away with paid alternatives like Microsoft Outlook. It has a number of exciting and interesting features. Those who have used it are happy with it because it allows you to integrate a number of mailboxes. This is done with the use of POP and SMTP protocols. Additionally, end users like it because it is very responsive and lightweight. It works well and therefore customers believe that it is trustworthy and reliable. It makes life easier for users and helps to dig out and reply to mails that could be many years old.

What Are The Main Uses?
The free software comes with a number of tools that makes it easy for the users to organize their email as efficiently and as speedily as possible. These include smart searches, tabbed email browsing, and also creation of custom folders that help in organizing your message. Further, it has some of the best filters that help to keep a check on spam messages.

Faster, Safer And Easier Mailing
Those who have used this software believe that it could make emailing faster, safer and easier. It has some of the best features including built in RSS reader and quick search. It was basically developed to prevent junk mail and for protecting email accounts from viruses.

  • It is free, open source and highly customizable. Those who have tried this software tool believe that it is better than MS Outlook in many ways.
  • Further it offers you get all the basics that are required right out of the box. Hence, you may not have to worry about various complicated technical setup and other such things.
  • It allows you to organize your message very efficiently and intelligently. It has one of the best spam filters. Based on user feedback, there are many reasons to believe that it is much better than many other web based tools.
  • The good thing about Thunderbird is that it works well with almost all major email services.
  • Last but not the least it is free and you don’t have to pay for it.
  • On the whole it is very much possible for end users to ensure that their mail boxes are neat, well organized. They will not have to struggle and waste too much of times when it comes to finding out mails, sorting them and storing them as you wish.
  • It does have desktop limitations. This is because Thunderbird basically is a tool for Windows.
  • Hence it may not be possible for it to synchronize directly with mobile devices natively.
  • Though it allows POP3 inbox to be set up, it requires some effort and an extra step for the purpose.
  • Many people believe that it is not unique and it lacks flexibility and speed. However, this is a small complain
The Bottom Line
If you are not in favor of using web based email tools, or if you are keen on customizing your browsing based on specific needs and requirements then this could be one of the best options in the industry today. It therefore is a must download and offers a number of obvious advantages and benefits.

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