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4 Alternative Gifts for Christmas

Are you struggling to come up with gift ideas for all of the people in your life this Christmas? If so, then it may be time to think outside of the box! If the usual fallback gift ideas of gift cards or traditional things like chocolates, wine or jewelry bore you, and you can’t think of anything a person particularly wants, then one of these alternative gift ideas may just be the answer!

1. Tickets to a Live Event
Ticket sale websites can be a great place to hunt for unusual gifts. Whether it’s a chance to see their favorite artist live, a hit show you think they will love, or tickets to a big sporting event, tickets make for a good gift because they can give someone something to look forward to as well as something exciting to open on Christmas Day. You can even go with them to the event and get yourself a gift at the same time, or buy tickets for everyone in the family or your group of friends to do something together.

2. Make a Donation to Charity
Some people don’t really like the materialistic side of Christmas, and prefer the idea of it being a time of goodwill. If you know somebody who already seems to have everything, and who also cares about specific causes, it can be a really nice thought to make a donation to a charity they would support in their name. Many charities will provide a thank you certificate that you can give them to open, so you have something to actually give them to represent the gift.

3. Pay for Their Favorite Subscription
A lot of people now either have, or would like to have, subscriptions to media services such as Netflix. Paying for your friend or loved one’s subscription to one of their favorite services for a year as a gift can be a great idea, as it means they’ll save a bit of money each month for the whole year and also get to enjoy their favorite entertainment. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime may be just one idea, as people subscribe to other things too, like Xbox Live for gaming, Kindle Unlimited for books, and niche things for the media they enjoy, like perhaps something like the anime streaming service Crunchyroll. Find out which subscriptions your friends have, or wish they had, and consider buying them as gifts!

4. Buy Them an Online Course
A lot of people have skills they would like to learn, whether to help them get started in a new profession or just to allow them to take up a new hobby. You could consider buying them an online course in something they are interested in, so they can get some professional level coaching at a time that suits them! There are sites like Masterclass and Skillshare where people can learn all kinds of things from experts, or you can consider things like foreign language courses, programming, or other things like that that a lot of people have an interest in learning.

These are just four ideas for cool alternative gifts that your loved ones will really appreciate!

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