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5 TV Educational-Tutorials That Are Really Cool

To get your daily dose of fun and still learn a lot, educational science channels are definitely a must-watch. In the era of reality TV and dating channels, one would have to surf online for hours to find something good to watch, especially something to learn from.

For many, this is a complete waste of time, which is why we have decided to make a list of all the best educational channels you can watch today. Our recommendations are all about science, history, and the world that we live in.

What better way to learn something new than via informative shows. They will make you think and wonder, come up with facts and theories of your own. They will boggle your mind with a million other questions you never thought you’d ask yourself. Here is our top list of the best science channels and top educational YouTube channels that are worth watching.

BrainStuff - HowStuffWorks
YouTube channels are major players in the media industry today with a dominating online presence. Some say they give the popular TV shows and networks a run for their money. But, when you think about YouTube, probably most of the channels that come to mind are fun and random that don’t post any educational content.

But, there are also top educational YouTube channels that you can learn from, one such channel is HowStuffWorks. Instead of wrapping your head around 2 hours of documentary series, you can learn a lot by watching a couple of minutes long videos.

While these science videos only scratch the surface of the real information behind it, they are just fun enough to be engaging and inspire you to do your own research. From historical revisions, archives, wars, infiltration, to drugs, and more, you can learn a lot in just a few minutes.

By the end of the video, the topic will push you to question everything you know and encourage you to start your own exploration quest to learn more. This is the kind of information that can come in handy when you do your coursework writing. If you already have an interesting topic to focus on for your coursework but have no idea how to complete the work, you can ask for someone else to do the writing for you. Everything that you learn from an online educational channel such as this one can be of use for any writing assignment you have to finish.

Drive-Thru History
Drive-Thru History is an exploration-based TV series broadcasted on the TBN network. David Stotts, the star of the show, explores different destinations all across the U.S. and explains the history behind every place he visits. The main focus of the show is to entertain, engage, and educate viewers on how religion, particularly Christianity, has affected those locations. The show doesn’t focus on values or morals; instead, it turns the complete attention towards the entertaining and educational aspect of the history of the place.

How It’s Made
When you think about an educational or science channel, the first thing that comes to mind is fact-filled, extremely engaging, and something super fun. But, a science show can still focus on common problems and still be worth watching without the need for scientific experiments.

How It’s Made is a TV series that first aired in 2001 and still releases episodes to this day. It’s broadcasted mainly on the Discovery Channel, but you can also watch it on DMAX, and Quest. The show is about showing how everyday items, from simple things like hair clippers to gum, food, and musical instruments, are made.

Every episode is simple to follow and focuses only on the facts. Interactions with humans are minimal. Only the narrator is the one who explains the entire manufacturing process by demonstrating how the factory that produces the item does the work.

Outrageous Acts of Science
Outrageous Acts of Science is a fast-paced science channel broadcasted on both the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel. The goal is to focus on fun scientific themes, those that are the most daring and challenging, but at the same time funny and clever. Engineering and science experts breakdown the problem, analyze, and explain it with the help of motion graphics and hilarious storytelling.

Who Do You Think You Are?
This is a genealogy series broadcasted on the BBC channel. Series such as this one may not sound like the most interesting shows to watch, but this one came out in 2004 and had been going strong ever since.

The series focuses on celebrities as they trace their ancestry and find secrets about their lineage that could potentially help them discover remarkable surprises about their past.

By tracking historical records, gathering information from interviews, and evaluating the science behind the genetic analysis, families can find their kinship. In the end, their complete family history will come to light. All the traces of their ancestors are slowly revealed and help connect all the generations.

Celebrities do this for different reasons. Some will research their relatives to find out their medical history and whether or not they have a serious life-threatening disease. Others want to learn more because they feel obliged to know about their lineage from religious beliefs.

Educational shows are an excellent way to enrich your knowledge in a particular subject. Some focus on scientific research, facts, and records, while others tend to pay attention to realistic and simple topics that people will find easier to understand. Whatever type of show you prefer to watch, this list can help you find it. But, if you don’t have time to watch hours-long documentaries, you can always check out YouTube channels with just a couple of minute-long videos.

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