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Keeping Your Network Safe: A Guide

You use a number of different technological devices on a daily basis, right? If so, this means that you have a network. Unfortunately, this also means that you have a target on your back when it comes to cybercrime. More and more hackers are now focusing their attention on networks rather than individual devices, simply because there is more information to be intercepted and more data to be stolen from taking such a course of action.

To ensure that you are never the victim of a network hacking, you need to keep yours safe at all costs.

To find out how that can be achieved, be sure to check out the guide below.

Perform a vulnerability scan
The first thing that you should do is run a vulnerability scan on all of your devices that are connected to your network. Doing this will give you an idea of which features of your network need shoring up and which need to be replaced completely.

The tools and products that you should scan in this instance include:
IoT devices
Network appliances
System software
Open ports
Back doors
Written scripts
Operating systems (OSes)

With information regarding all of these important members of your network at hand, you’ll be able to tell which of your devices or tools are the weak link in the chain. You can then set about the all-important task of fixing this vulnerability before it opens up the floodgates for hackers to sneak into your network.

Get yourself some endpoint security
When it comes to keeping your network safe, the best protective measure that you can invest in is endpoint security. This solution is so effective in this instance simple because it can be used to safeguard a number of your network/cloud-based devices at one time. This means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing a number of different security solutions in your bid to keep your entire network safe.

If you want an endpoint protection solution that is going to keep your network safe in a highly targeted and sustained fashion, then you should consider investing in the tools and software made available by McAfee. Their endpoint security will never take time off in its bid to provide your network with the level of protection it needs to fend off today’s most dangerous and prevalent cyber attacks. Importantly, this specific security solution integrates a firewall as standard that is capable of blocking zero-day hostile network accounts in real time.

Block open ports
Internet of Things (IoT) devices are particularly vulnerable when it comes to network hacking. For this reason, it is essential that you block their open telnet ports at all costs. This will stop hackers from infecting your network with malware and subsequently logging into your devices using username and password combinations, which makes it one of the most important tasks that you face in your bid to keep your network safe.

Don’t be a victim of cybercrime. Heed the above advice and do all you can to keep your network safe.

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