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Effects of Online Casino on Regular In-house Casinos

According to the UK Gambling Commission, 39% of all gambling revenues were accumulated online last year. Indeed, online casinos such as Kingcasino.com have become so popular, but what effects are they having on regular in-house casinos?

More Customers for both online casinos and offline
Although some betting shops have been forced to close due to a combination of the popularity of online casinos and the new £2 betting stake law on fixed-odds-based terminals, the majority of casinos are thriving. In fact, more people are visiting regular casinos than ever. Why? Well, experts maintain that since so many of us are visiting online casinos, we’re becoming more curious about traditional ones. Plus, many traditional casinos are now taking advantage of this crossover by providing additional services to us online and this in turn is enticing even more customers through their doors.

Games are More Widely Available
Thanks to online casinos, casinos games are now more widely available than in the past. Indeed, you can play demo games in casinos and betting shops without the need for a membership. Even though regular casinos used to require memberships and have strict dress codes, they have scrapped these policies to compete with their cousins in cyberspace. Consequently, land-based casinos are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous and can be enjoyed by any of us. And since games are also accessible at the touch of a few buttons on our tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones, we can now play more of them than you could ever dream of.

Better Service
Online casinos have also forced their offline counterparts to up their games when it comes to customer service. For instance, nowadays most traditional casinos run loyalty programs for their customers. Thus, the more you frequent these casinos, the more freebies you get. In addition, some in-house casinos hand out vouchers and free cash coupons. Therefore, you can do such things as play some of your favourite games for free. Very few of such offers existed before the emergence of casinos in cyberworld so online casinos are being credited with bringing about this sea change.

More Payment Options
Traditional casinos have also started to introduce more flexible payment options for us to keep up with their cousins in cyberworld. Gone are the days when you had to bring in cash with you. Today, many allow you to pay through a variety of channels such as cash, credit cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrency. For example, Dragon Coins are now accepted at many casinos in Asian countries including China and Indonesia. What’s more, you can receive your winnings in formats other than cash so you no longer have to carry large sums of money around with you.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, online casinos have proved a boon to regular in-house casinos by helping to attract more customers, make games more widely available, improve customer service and enhance payment options. So, if you haven’t visited a casino before, why don’t you visit one now?

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