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Doctor Who: The Master's Love Of Children's Television/Musicals

Chris Morley goes over the rainbow...

Who would have thought that the man Russell T Davies characterised as both a sociopath & psychopath, having brought him back for a whole new audience post-Survival, would eventually show himself to have a sense of childlike wonder after a viewing of Teletubbies?

“Have you seen these things? This planet's amazing. Television in their stomach. Now that is evolution.”
That little moment from The Sound Of Drums took its cue from a similar moment of curiosity with regard to the Clangers on the part of the man he had been, added into Episode One of The Sea Devils as it was running a whole 90 seconds short!

MASTER: It seems to be a rather interesting extra-terrestrial life form.
TRENCHARD: Only puppets, you know? For children.
If that wasn't enough, following another regeneration into a new female incarnation it would seem Missy took fashion tips from no less than Mary Poppins...

It was a deliberate choice behind the scenes. As well as something of an inspired contrast, as the Daily Mirror observed.....
“Gomez is subtle, sly and malevolent, utterly unpredictable – she’s dangerous. Character should ultimately come before ingrained and reactionary sexual politics, chiefly because it’s a piece of TV entertainment, and should be viewed accordingly. “
Of course Julie Andrews never had to jump through such hoops! Michelle Gomez does at least also return to St Paul's Cathedral, though she's helping to feed the Cybermen as opposed to birds. Check out her umbrella, too - & her dance with her preceding male incarnation, rivalling anything Mary & Bert could manage.

MASTER: So, I imagine you're the next one along, then?
MISSY: Oh, I think so. I'm a bit hazy on the whole regeneration thing, I'm afraid.
MASTER: You mean, I'm going to turn into a woman and you don't even remember it happening?
MISSY: Oh! Am I a woman now?
MASTER: Well, kind of, yeah.
MISSY: Hold me.
MASTER: Kiss me.
All this after having flown into action during Death In Heaven, in a manner similar to that of a certain famous nanny.
MISSY: Oh, that was brilliant! Oh, I love the telly here, but did you see that? Oh, Clara, you poor thing. You must feel like death. Let me pop away the pain.
DOCTOR: Don't you dare! Don't you think about it!
MISSY: Oh, sorry, hon, I'm just getting a bit carried away. It's your friends, they're so more-ish. Hmm?
And it would seem that after the Master's latest return to a male body he's retained something of an appreciation for similar classic film musicals...

During his big moment of revelation he references The Wizard Of Oz while explaining how his hut can be outside the window of Daniel Barton's plane.
“Bit Wicked Witch Of The West but you get the gist”.
It seems, though, that Sacha Dhawan was more of a cowardly lion to begin with as he prepared to take on the role!

Quoted by the Birmingham Mail, he said following his casting that...
"I thought: 'there's no way I can do this!' Then I eventually calmed down. My first port of call was to extract the bare bones of the character because there is so much information out there.

I was keen to approach the part like I would with any other character, which in a way, gave me confidence to make the character my own.Yes the character is playful, unpredictable, dangerous, but I was keen to explore where that 'persona' originates from.

That's when I really became excited by the possibilities in terms of where I could take the character, because I started to uncover a much darker, more melancholic side to the Master, which I felt hadn't been explored before."
Inevitably given that he became the first British Indian, and indeed youngest actor to date to take on the role, talk then turned to those sides of the equation.
"There was a time when actors like myself, wouldn’t even be considered for a role of this nature. It's an amazing feeling, especially being the first British Indian actor to portray the role. I'm really proud and excited for people to see it.

Yes, I’m a nemesis alien Time Lord, but that’s only the surface. For me, the role becomes ‘iconic’ because if you look beyond that you’ll see that there’s a much deeper story that’s going on. Once I realised that, I couldn’t feel more proud to be incarnating the character.”
A role he had to keep secret from co-star Peter Capaldi during rehearsals for a play the two would appear together in, which was perhaps the hardest bit, as Dhawan explained in an Instagram post...
"It's January 2019, and I'm in the middle of a rehearsed play reading with a talented bunch of actors, one of whom is Peter Capaldi, who I've been watching in awe for the last couple of hours.

However, my heart feels like it's just dropped 50 floors off a derelict sky scraper... it's not a nice feeling.I've just spoken to my agent during a quick tea break. I've been asked whether or not I'd be interested in playing 'O' in Doctor Who; a secret code name for the Master”.
Perhaps not so cowardly after all, as he managed to hold it all together.
"I sit opposite Capaldi, staring at him once again but more intently this time round. He's got all the answers to so many of my questions right now; 'Peter what do I do, WHAT DO I DO?!'..."
Perhaps Peter may have suggested he continue the tradition and take in an episode or two of popular children's series of the day...

That's enough to drive any Time Lord insane!

But, of course, Sacha Dhawan could not ask the question.
"...but the reality is, I'm sworn to total secrecy."
At least he's done a little research since!

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