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Nerdy Sports Stars - Who’s Sport’s Biggest Geek?

You may think that most athletes are all about brawn over brain. But a growing number of today’s sports stars are becoming known for using their grey matter to ponder over some seriously nerdy things. From iconic soccer players who are computer game geeks to legendary basketball stars who are secretly into comic book characters, it seems as though today’s athletes are more than just a little nerdy.

Of course, many of these sports stars aren’t just nerds. They know their sport best, and they are very good at it. If you fancy a bet, many of them are featured in the odds of a range of legal sportsbooks in Pennsylvania and other states that have a licence to operate in the USA. In case you were feeling insecure about your own nerdy obsessions, here’s a rundown of the sports icons who have shown us that you can be athletic and seriously geeky at the same time.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Computer Obsession
You’ll probably know Ryan Fitzpatrick for being the very bearded quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. But the furry star has also been getting a rumor for being one of the NFL’s biggest nerds. That is because Fitzpatrick is reportedly obsessed with all things computer-related.

All of this comes from the fact that the 37-year old quarterback graduated from Harvard with an economics degree and liked to do anything better with his time than obsess over all Apple computer products. So the next time that Fitzpatrick defies the critics with yet another incredible touchdown run, remember that he’s probably thinking about when he can next update his MacBook.

Neymar’s Video Gaming Achievements
Soccer star Neymar is probably the player that all fans love to hate. With his Brazilian good looks getting balanced by his outrageous soccer skills, you may think that he won’t have the time to invest in anything nerd-related.

However, we’ve got news for you, and that’s the fact that Neymar is a prominent gaming geek. When he’s not deciding which European mega-club to play with next, you can probably find the Brazilian ace relaxing in one of his many mansions in front of an excellent first-person shooter.

It’s the game of Counter-Strike Global Offensive that seems to get Neymar most excitable. While you probably think of this game as being pure nerd-fodder, it looks like Neymar has got some CSGO skills that would impress even the biggest esports geek. Surely it can’t be long before the Brazilian ace leaves Paris Saint Germain to join Ninjas in Pajamas instead.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Comic Book Appreciation
If you were to conjure up a mental image of the stereotypical nerd, you probably wouldn’t be thinking of a seven-foot-tall basketball player. However, Shaquille O'Neal has made no secret of the fact that he appreciates the nerdier things in life.

So why is Shaq insisting that he is the world’s tallest geek? Firstly, he admits that he is on his computer all day which is an essential part of being a nerd. But the self-confessed technology geek has gone much further than that and even proudly shows off his Superman tattoo, thus ending the debate over whether Shaq prefers DC Comics or Marvel.

Max Verstappen’s Love for Racing Games
This fiery Formula One driver might be known for his explosive driving style, but it seems that Max Verstappen is also keen on a little computer gaming. For example, the Dutch driver recently took entertaining to himself on his portable PlayStation when a Spanish Grand Prix was snowed off.

The fact that Max Verstappen was playing MotoGP might decrease his nerd points a little. But it shows that even having the ability to drive at over 200mph shouldn’t stop our biggest sporting stars from embracing their nerdier sides.

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