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New AirPods Pro: Need or Whim

We get used to our gadgets, love them, and try to upgrade them in all possible ways: to install apps for protection – for example, Total AV antivirus – or buying a new case or earphones. The white "plugs" of the old AirPods version have already become a symbol of New York City: almost everyone has these earphones, including couriers and homeless people.

Metro management even complained that passengers constantly drop their wireless headphones on the rails, causing train delays. Not surprisingly, the novelty – the AirPods Pro with the effect of noise reduction and three inserts for different ear sizes - were dismantled in most stores almost immediately.

Why Are They Good?

Introvert’s Mode
AirPods Pro work in three modes: usual, "transparent," and mode of active noise reduction. The last one is the most useful and necessary, primarily if you work in an open space or use public transport regularly. The sound AirPods Pro produces is precisely better than the previous version has. If you got used to basic earphones that go with older iPhones in a set, or last wireless AirPods, then AirPods Pro will not disappoint you too.

Earphones block background noise like a rumble of the plane or the subway on a decent level. But you will hear people’s mutter if they stay somewhere around you. When you switch off the music, it feels like you speak with colleagues, sitting in a barrel or with a bucket on your head. But if I go far away from an open space, the rumble of voices disappears.

It turns out that Apple released the real gadget for the introverts. Now the put-on earphones already give surrounding a signal "I do not want to communicate," and new AirPods Pro will help to be fenced off from undesirable conversations.

Long Operating Time
Apple promises that you can listen to the music or podcasts in new headphones for up to 4.5 hours without additional charging. In our case, they survived 4 hours and 21 minutes, but literally, five minutes in the case was enough for the headphones to work for about 50 more minutes.

Functional design
AirPods Pro got a new functional design: the earphone became larger, and the leg became shorter. The manufacturer says that now AirPods Pro are more adapted for playing games or sports because they are protected from moisture and sweat. Though, earlier, the lack of official permission from Apple stopped nobody: in any gym, it was possible to meet people with white "plugs."

Why Are They Bad?

They drop out
We do not doubt that Apple measured millions of human ears to find the optimum size of the earphone, which will suit the majority. For better convenience, there are even silicone inserts in a set — big, average, and small. But it is still difficult for people with non-standard ears to wear AirPods Pro. Because of the incorrect size, the earphones drop out occasionally.

Unnecessary functions
The "transparent" AirPods Pro mode seems useless enough to us. It is stated that when the earphones are turned on, the outside world will sound as natural as if you remove AirPods at all. Indeed, a young man from the United States who failed to break up with AirPods even during an official meeting at the White House will appreciate this function. But for the rest, it will be easier to remove them.

You can control headphones by pressing on their leg. It turns out, it takes one short press to stop the music and two long to switch to permeable mode. Well, it will take less time and effort to get AirPods out of your ears.

Inconvenient change of inserts
It is necessary to make efforts to change the inserts of earphones: at this moment, it seems that silicone will not sustain such pressure. But you should not worry: inserts are quite strong, and Apple already sells spare sets for five dollars.

Bottom Line
All in all, it's up to you to buy AirPods Pro or not. If you are a tech-savvy guy who likes upgrades, you will appreciate the new Apple product. At the very least, they never betray the quality.

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