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The Benefits of Comics in Education

Comics are an excellent source of entertainment. People of all ages love them. Reading them or making them tends to entertain everyone involved in the process. But, are comics useful in terms of education?

The answer is a certain yes. In education comics can be used to boost the creativity and promote better learning opportunities. As a result, many teachers nowadays use comics to pass information on to their students. The visuals embedded in them make comics in the classroom an excellent tool that boosts their writing skills and motivates them to learn more. Read on for the most common benefits of reading comic books in education.

1. Comics Improve Literacy Skills
If you’re wondering why comics are important, here is one of the most prominent reasons – comics go a long way toward building a student’s self-esteem and better their literacy skills. Not all students are good at reading and writing, so when they have to read passages and content in class, they are facing big problems. As a result, they start avoiding reading altogether and get discouraged from reading in their free time.

Thanks to comics, teachers can promote literacy by giving students access to visual learning, especially in such cases.

2. Comics Include Parents in the Learning Processes
For a student to have proper education, parents need to be involved in the process, too. In order to help their children with their studies, parents can use many tools and tricks. One such tool is comic

When students are too overwhelmed with their assignments, parents can help by providing them with comic books. These are known to boost their literacy and motivate them, so you’d literally be doing a student a favor by allowing them to spend their time reading comics.

As for all those papers that are due, students can always say:
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3. Comics are Versatile and Fun
Many of the tools used to boost the educational processes tend to get dull and predictable. But, comics are not this way. There are all kinds of comics on various topics. If a student gets bored from the wording in comics and wants something more visual, they can always use wordless, picture comics to boost their imagination and revise the material taught in class.

4. Comics are Helpful with Students with Disabilities
Digital comic therapy is now a popular tool to help students with disabilities in mastering the material being taught. They are frequently used by children with autism, allowing them to identify the emotions as displayed in the imagery of comic books. Students with dyslexia have a much more pleasurable experience with the visualizations in comic books and can get rid of that tension caused by reading materials.

5. Comics are an Affordable Educational Tool
When you realize how many benefits comics have for the education of the students and the system as a whole, it seems like a real shame that many schools don’t use these as an educational tool. This is even more absurd considering how inexpensive comics are. Compared to costly textbooks, comics filled with important, educational data are a much cheaper, much more interesting way to learn the information taught at schools.

6. Comics Can Inspire Creativity in Students
For a student to be able to focus on the workload and have everything done within a deadline, they have to have a constant creativity boost. Comics can be a creativity muse for a student who likes the visual comics world. Not only are these good for better grasp of the material, but they are also known to enhance a student’s creativity levels.

7. Comics are Simple to Understand
People have a limited attention span. When they are tired like most students are, this attention span gets even shorter, and the life of students gets even more overwhelming. That’s why the educational system and the students need to take an initiative and find educational methods that are simpler to understand and learn. Comics are one such tool.

Traditional learning methods have worked for years but, since students are expected to learn a lot to compete in today’s busy career world, we need to make some changes. That’s why images are added to books and students use technology to watch videos and clips that will make their learning processes simpler.

Final Thoughts
Graphic novels and comics have plenty of great features that can benefit any student. If a student likes comics and uses them for education or as a creativity boost, they are much more likely to build self-esteem and understand the material faster. If used properly, comics can truly boost the learning processes of students, including students with disabilities or those who are too tired from the traditional learning methods.

Author’s Bio

Susan Wallace is a comics book designer who works freelance for different companies and herself. She publishes many comics under her name and has an excellent eye for detail. Moreover, Wallace sells her work online, providing people with a chance to purchase affordable comics over the Internet.

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