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Rules of Roulette

Looking for an exciting timeless classic casino game to play, but not sure where to start? Look no further than roulette, which is both an exciting and fairly simple game to learn how to play. Roulette is a game that has been played for hundreds of years, originated in France and inspired by Italian and British wheel games, and has stood the test of time over the years and is played all over the world today - find out more. As the he game is simple to play, it is quite intuitive once you’re playing, but it’s good to get a grasp on the basic rules of roulette before you dive right and place your bets, so here they are:

The Roulette Wheel
The American roulette wheel comprises 38 slots each with its own dedicated number consisting of numbers 1-36 alternating between red and black and 0 and 00 which are both green. The wheel is spun in one direction by the casino croupier who then rolls the roulette ball in the opposite direction that the wheel is spinning and as the wheel slows, gravity will help determine which slot on the wheel the ball falls into and that slot is the winning number/colour.

The Table and Bet Types
Bets are placed by players on the roulette table, which has all the numbers of the wheel reflected on it and has three main categories, inside, outside bets and racetrack. There are multiple types of bets which fit into either one of these categories, as follows:

Inside Bets
Bets on the inside of the numbers, here are all your betting options for inside bets:
  • Split: bets on two numbers next to one another, horizontally or vertically
  • Line: bets on six numbers next to one another at the same time
  • Corner: bets on four individual numbers in a square shape
  • Straight-Up: bets on one number
  • Street: bets on three numbers in a horizontal line

Outside Bets
Bets on boxes that surround the inner field numbered 1-36. You have five options with this type of bet:
  • Odd/Even: betting on odd or even numbers, payout 1:1
  • Low/High: betting on low numbers 1-18 or high numbers 19-36
  • Black/Red: betting on black or red, payout 1:1
  • Dozen: betting on 12 numbers in three rows consecutively, payout of 2:1
  • Column: betting on 1/3 rows vertically, this has a payout of 2:1 and you bet 12 numbers at the same time.

The Racetrack
The racetrack is ideal for betting on sections and is typically an option for players who have more experience in roulette. A section on a roulette wheel consists of a series of numbers next to each other and it is wise to place your bets on a particular section if you believe that the roulette ball could fall on particular numbers next to one another. These are the four different sections to play on:
  • Orphelins: covering two spaces from 17-6 and 1-9
  • Tiers du Cylindre: 27-33
  • Voisins du Zero: number 22 all the way around to 25, covering 12 numbers in total plus seven chips.
  • Zero Spiel: the numbers around the 0, numbers 12-15.

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