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Why Comic Cons Are A Really Good Place To Make Friends!

Photo: Pixabay

Comic cons are taking over the world! There are so many now it’s hard to keep up. From the huge comic cons such as San Diego and London Comic Con, often held at Olympia (http://www.warpedfactor.com/2014/07/london-film-and-comic-con-2014-report.html), to the many smaller conventions that are for specific niches, areas or particular TV shows. There really are lots to choose from.

It's essentially a huge gathering for lovers of a specific genre or TV show, you can show up in any form, costumes are more than welcome, and you can meet some of the famous faces behind the shows. Cosplayers are very popular at comic cons too and this alone provides some good entertainment when you are stood in the long queues waiting to see your icon.

Making Friends Is Easy
Comic cons are a great place to meet friends because most likely the people there share a lot of common interests and love the same things you do. This is what makes it such a fun place to be. It’s easy to go up to someone and start a conversation. It may be about their costume, or who they are here to see, or just generally about the crowd and atmosphere.

If you go with friends, you can connect with other like minded people and generally the atmosphere is fun and fresh. You can also use online groups like Facebook and Whatsapp to make connectivity easier, chat about what is happening and share any imagery.

It’s also a fun place for photographers as there are plenty of things to take photos of. If you're meeting people that you have already been talking to online via Facebook or Twitter then you will find that it’s important that you don’t lose anyone’s numbers - be sure to sync contacts from phone to computer easily so you always have them on file - https://setapp.com/how-to/sync-contacts-from-iphone-to-mac

People from all over the country, and even from around the world, turn up at conventions to see the stars. Therefore, if you get to know people from other cities and countries, it gives you friends in new places, which is a great excuse to visit and meet them in other environments. This makes comic cons a wonderful place to connect to long distance friends, which is great for your culture and mind - you will surely find penpals for life!

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do at comic cons; such as buying paraphernalia and fan products, some of which may become vintage and collectors items, so be sure to have some extra cash on you to treat yourself. You will see some interesting characters and things to buy!

So be sure that you find out about all the news of the latest conventions in and around your country. With so many comic cons happening these days you will be sure to find something that suits - https://fancons.com/events/schedule.php?type=comic. Start getting involved!

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