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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: April 5th To April 11th

The Doctor's 200th adventure is broadcast this week in Doctor Who history...

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April 5th
We start this week in Doctor Who history back in 1969 with episode five of the Second Doctor adventure The Space Pirates which was broadcast to an audience of just 5.5 million. Moving on to 1975 and another part five, this time for the Fourth Doctor - 9.8 million joined him for Genesis of the Daleks. Then in 2008, Series 4 of the revived Doctor Who got underway with Partners in Crime. 9.14 million saw the Tenth Doctor reconnect with Donna Noble and find himself "a mate".

April 6th
On this day in 1968 6.6 million people were watching the Second Doctor in episode four of Fury From The Deep, a story which is, sadly, entirely missing from the archives. Skip forward one regeneration and 6 years and we have the Third Doctor adventure The Monster of Peladon. Part three was broadcast on this day in 1974 and watched by 7.4 million.

It's a huge jump of nearly 40 years for our next episode broadcast on this day. That would be 2013's The Rings of Akhaten, broadcast at 6.15pm and watched by 7.23 million viewers.

April 7th
Just one classic episode and one modern episode broadcast on this day. The classic being the opening episode of 1973's Planet of the Daleks, which was watched by a mighty 11 million viewers. The modern being the second story of Series 3, The Shakespeare Code, an episode which was watched by 7.23 million.

April 8th
Back to 1967 for episode 1 of the Second Doctor adventure The Faceless Ones, a story which was watched by 8 million viewers and at its culmination would see Ben and Polly depart the TARDIS but not before doing some serious 'sniff the fart' acting, as witnessed above. Also on this day in Doctor Who history we take a trip to 1972 for another new adventure which got underway, this time for the Third Doctor. Episode 1 of The Mutants drawing an audience of 9.1 million.

April 9th
On this day in 1966 8 million people were watching the second episode of The Celestial Toymaker (titled The Hall of Dolls), which, along with parts one and three, is still sadly missing presumed wiped. And no, that's not Gwen, it's Gwyneth, and it's the third episode of the revived series, 2005's The Unquiet Dead which was watched by 8.86 million. 

April 10th
The pure historical story The Crusade continued this day in 1965, part three titled The Wheel of Fortune (I don't think they mean that Wheel of Fortune!) was watched by 9 million viewers. Two regenerations and 6 years later, the Third Doctor faced episode one of Colony in Space. Broadcast Saturday April 10th 1971 at 6:11pm and watched by 7.6 million viewers. Then, on this day in 2010, 8.42 million viewers tuned in to the Eleventh Doctor's second adventure - The Beast Below.

April 11th
On this day in 1964 the opening episode of The Keys of Marinus (titled The Sea of Death) was broadcast at 5.31pm and watched by a 9.9 million viewers. Six years later episode 4 of The Ambassadors of Death was watched by 9.3 million, and finally for this week in Doctor Who history in 2009 (it was also Easter Saturday by the way) 9.74 million viewers tuned into the 200th Doctor Who story. What was it? That would be Planet of the Dead.

That's it for this week, but did you watch any of these adventures live? We'd love to hear your memories about any of them. Tell us in the comments below.

Until next Sunday...

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