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New TV Shows Worth Watching in 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has engulfed just about every country on earth. As a result, we have all been forced to stay at home with many of us relying on TV for entertainment. That means binge-watching TV shows from dusk (into the night, anyone?) to dawn. However, with so much content on streaming platforms, finding good shows to watch can be hard. Quite like finding a proper analytical essay structure in college. Luckily, we've got you covered. From popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Hulu, here are the best TV shows (including new 2020 TV series) to binge-watch in the comfort of your house.

Top TV Comedies
There is nothing better than cracking a few ribs to release all the tension caused by the global pandemic. So here are a selection of good comedy shows to watch right now.

Feel Good
New to Netflix, Feel Good is a British comedy TV show that has been well received by both critics and fans. Feel Good follows Mae Martin (as herself), a Canadian who recently relocated to London while juggling the drama of a girlfriend, George, and sobriety. The TV show has strong themes of comedy, romance, and suspense.

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens
New for 2020, Awkwafina is Nora from Queens is an American comedy TV show starring the hilarious Awkwafina. The show follows Awkwafina as Nora, who lives with her parents but is trying to find her own path in life. The show features many funny scenes between Nora, her parents, grandparents, co-workers, and friends, and is available on Comedy Central.

Space Force
If you know Steve Carell, then you know the man is serious about his comedy. Space Force is his latest comedy project, available on Netflix. The show is about Mark Naird, portrayed by Carell, who teams up with a scientist in America's latest military agency, Space Force. The show also features Lisa Kudrow, most famously known for her character of Phoebe in the TV show Friends.

Sex Education
Education is a term loosely used to show the procurement of knowledge in institutions such as college. However, rather than writing essays, Sex Education follows the life of Otis, who helps the school bully with his skills in the bedroom in a somewhat comedic fashion. The series then takes a turn as Otis marches on to help fellow students with their sexual problems.

Honourable Mentions: What We Do in the Shadows, Bo Jack Horseman, Betty, and Parks and Recreation: A Parks and Recreation Special.

Top TV Drama/ Docuseries/Thriller

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich
Looking for a TV series punctuated with loads of drama? Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is new for 2020 and is undoubtedly worth the time. Following the life of Epstein, the disgraced financier; Murder, sex traffic, prostitution, money, corruption, suicide, tax evasions, love, drugs, and many more themes characterize this docuseries. There are enough themes and plots to develop an analytical essay structure for those in college! Speaking of which, there are plenty of college essay writing services out there. However, there are only a handful of services in this field, you can try to use Australian college essay writing service, that gives value for worth. And don’t forget to check your essays with plagiarism checker free from Edubirdie.

Homeland: Final Season 
If you are looking for a mature yet long TV series to binge-watch, Homeland is definitely worth the time. The TV show has eight seasons of pure drama and action, and will keep you glued to the screen & on the edge of your seat with spy, war, and romance themes.

The Last Dance
Ever heard of the great Michael Jordan and the Bulls team of the 90s? Well, this new 2020 TV series follows the untold story of Jordan and his teammates following their individual team achievements. This one is definitely a must-watc for sports fans.

Billions: Season 5
As the name suggests, the TV show follows the wealthy and eccentric life of the rich and mighty in the hedge fund industry. If you are looking for a mature TV show with exotic cars, yachts, fancy suits, and witty dialogues, then Billions is highly recommended. The stars of the show Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis will wow you with their on-screen performances and more than intense scenes. In addition to Homeland, this is one of Showtime's true masterpiece.

Honourable Mentions: Killing Eve Season 3 and Better Call Saul Season 5
Drama in modern times has been redefined by recent TV shows, including these two. Killing Eve and Better Caul Saul are two great TV shows to watch during this pandemic because of the number of seasons and intriguing yet suspenseful plots.

Top TV Action/ Sci-Fi/ Horror/ Fantasy

This new 2020 TV series follows the lives of the survivors of the earth's second ice age. They are forced to live on a luxury train that burrows through the ice day and night. However, the social status of the residents creates a division between the rich and the poor.

Into the Night
If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic movies, then Into The Night is undoubtedly one for you. The latest instalment from Netflix follows the lives of a group of people whose plane has been hijacked by a former soldier who raises claims of an imminent threat from the sun.

Ozark: Season 3
We’re all used to Jason Bateman in a comedic role. However, he directs, produces, and acts in one of the best thrillers of 2020. Ozark follows Marty Byrd (played Bateman), who is at loggerheads with the head of the Navaro Cartel after a series of misinformed business decisions by Byrd's business partner. Not always the most comfortable of viewing, it is absolutely worth binge-watching.

Altered Carbon: Season 2
Set in the 23rd century, this sci-fi/fantasy TV series follows the life of an imprisoned warrior who wakes up in a time where the mind and soul can be digitally transferred from one body to another. The series currently ranks highly on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

Honourable Mentions: Star Trek: Picard, The Outsider, Penny Dreadful (City of Angels), and Tales from The Loop.

Streaming services have a lot of content in the way of TV shows. Additionally, these platforms add more new, original and classic offerings every month. That doesn't make it easy for people to choose what's entertaining for them, but hopefully, with this guide, you'll be able to find new TV shows worth watching in 2020.

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