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The Best Augmented Reality Games For Android & iPhone

Gamers were really excited when virtual reality began to be used as a technological tool in gaming. The experience of gaming became more real with its arrival in the gaming world, especially through the concept of augmented reality. Virtual Reality can create an environment completely different to where you exist, whereas augmented reality can take your surroundings and enhance them.

Augmented reality (AR) works by superimposing computerised images on to a real image from the camera of the Smartphone. It's a very interesting technological achievement. Just point your iPhone towards the wall of your bedroom and you can, for instance, see a black hole.  Many mobile casinos are offering these types of games in their gaming section list, and many game developers have started using AR technology. Below are some of the best AR games which are ideal for Android and iPhone...

Pokémon GO
Although it'll soon be celebrating its fourth anniversary, Pokémon GO is widely regarded as the best augmented reality game. Published by the well-known developer Niantic, within a few months of its launch the game had caught the imagination of gamers from all over the world.

A great feature of Pokémon GO is that it's very simple to understand - there are cuddly and cute critters and you're job is to catch them, which may involve chasing after them around the neighborhood! Pokémon GO's appeal has been universal, with not just gamers but the elderly, adults, teens and kids playing, all at the same time.

Pokémon GO uses the GPS implanted in your phone to track your exact location, so as well as seeing a augmented version of the reality directly in front of you, via your smartphone's camera, you can see other players and Pokémon in the vicinity via the map.

The game is available free of charge on both the Google Play Store and iTunes. With a huge fan base sharing tricks and tips and the game itself still keeping the attention of users, thanks to the developers continually updating the game and making it more interesting, no doubt Pokémon GO will still be popular for many years to come.

Amon is an AR based puzzle game which is not only neat to look at but also very popular among gamers. When you start playing, you may find Amon to be quite easy. But as you go deeper into the game, you'll find it more interesting as the AR technology takes full advantage of the perspectives of your Smartphone camera and creates wonderful optical tricks which the gamer will have to solve to win the game.

You will be given some broken pieces of a statue from the environment and you will be asked to join them together and create a complete sculpture by working slowly and aligning them properly. There is no time limit to end the game, and you can play it alone.

Amon features one of the best uses of AR to compliment gameplay, and is available on the Google Play store, currently priced at £2.69.

The Machines
The Machines is considered to be the most advanced AR game in terms of technical aspect. This game is ideal for the iOS and it takes the clarity and fidelity of AR experience to a different level. The display is very detailed and attractive, with maps and realistic surface textures.

Although The Machines is not highly priced at £4.99, the game occupies around 800 MB of space on the smartphone. However, the storage space is needed for the obvious reason of rendering those gorgeous landscapes.

The Machines can be played either solo or with friends in multiplayer mode. The game involves a lot of strategy, you will have to defend your own base on your side and at the same time try to destroy the base of the enemy on the other side. Withe the gameplay depicting the high level of mechanised conflict on the screen of the smartphone.

Knightfall AR
Knightfall AR brings the world of medieval battles into your hand, with a very interactive map placed on a particular space in your office, home or any part of your street. The game is a bit complicated to get started, and you will have to make enough space available in your living room, or wherever you chose to play, as Knightfall ARe will create a large surface where the game will be played. Some landmass will also be created where you need to fight against a series of tough enemies.

Once it's set-up, gameplay is fairly simple. The gamer will just have to point to the target and then shoot. You will need to adjust the perspective of the phone, since the map does not want to remain still for a long period of time. The battles themselves are very short but they are very enjoyable, too.

Knightfall AR is available free of cost through both Google Play and the App Store, where it is already enjoyed by a lot of gamers.

Download these games to your Android Smartphone or iPhone and start enjoying your free time in an augmented reality environment.

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