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Tips to Find Proper Actors for Your Video

The cast is the skeleton of a video. A bad one can ruin any scenario. But also don’t think that there should only be professional actors of the highest class in your video. As long as you find the right people for the main and secondary roles, people who will be excited participating in your project.

Where to look for actors?
Over the years of working with actors, we realized one wonderful thing – when you find great actors, you should work with them for a long time because the best people are those who have been tested by experience and trust. But where to start?

1. Contact casting agencies
So, where to find actors? In every big city you can contact casting agencies and they will help you choose a talented person for your video for a small fee. The best way to find them is to use the Google search box and type “casting agencies [of your city].”

2. Offer a vacancy
On the Internet, place a vacancy in detail. Describe the person you are looking for your project.

3. Ask your friends
Maybe they want to participate in your project, maybe they have such talents that you are looking for. So ask your friends to to find out if they'd like to take part in such an activity.

Video shooting is easy!
If you are a great director, that is! Or if you are able to control the actors. Of course, a win-win option is if your friends are movie enthusiasts, as well as you, then they will be as enthused as you and want to do a great job. But, as a rule, there are few like-minded people out there. Don’t worry, you have time. During this time, you can find the right people.

Another important point – if you have a script ready, then you know exactly how many main roles you will need in the film (usually, in short videos, there are from 1 to 3 main roles). And again, for secondary roles, you can always call friends and acquaintances who will be happy to try themselves in a new activity.

How to make it more effective?
  • 1. Write the correct descriptions for the actor you are looking for. The description should include the data that you need for your commercial. Briefly explain what role he/she is given, what age he/she should be, and what skills the actor must have. In turn, you can first request their resume, and you can also invite them to the casting where you determine exactly how much he/she suits you for the role.
  • 2. Let each actor get used to the environment at the casting and get ready to read your monologue or dialogue with a person.
  • 3. Give a person time to unleash potential. The best way to do a casting session effectively is to give the actors time so that they can adapt to what you need. You should be indulgent in this regard.
  • 4. The most difficult thing is to choose the right actor for your project. So, during casting, be sure to write small notes next to each candidate for the role, so that you can return to them later and make the right decision.
  • 5. Also, such questions as what circumstances the actor can have, because if he/she has to miss the shooting day can greatly influence decision-making. Maybe you need to rewrite something in the script so that the actor can do it on a certain shooting day. It is also very important if the filming process is delayed, you need to know whether an actor can shoot again.
Should I pay actors?
If this is important for you, then, of course, pay your actors. They will be delighted. But in your first video, it is better if people take part on sheer enthusiasm, i.e., free of charge, even for personal gain. Firstly, you will definitely save. Secondly, it is likely that you will not be able to properly command the real actors who are studied in theatrical schools. You need to find a middle ground. A 1st or 2nd-year student of a theater school is the best option.

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