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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: June 21st

We say goodbye to the Second Doctor today in Doctor Who history.

Welcome to our daily round-up of the Doctor Who episodes which received their premiere broadcast on this day throughout the show's long history, along with anything else of note that may have taken place. You can click on any red text to read our full retrospectives/reviews for that episode, and note that all viewing figures listed are for UK broadcasts (unless otherwise stated).

June 21st
Regular visitors to this site will know that usually, on a Sunday, we post a This Week In Doctor Who History article, covering the episodes broadcast, the special events and birthdays celebrated across the show's 56+ year history. We've been doing this since November 2014 and figured that it was, perhaps, time for a change.

So on the day the Second Doctor was forced to change his appearance by the Time Lords, we've undertaken a much less extreme facelift for this article - moving from weekly to daily installments, and expanding upon some of the coverage of Doctor Who related material from years gone by.

Episodes Broadcast
We begin, as noted above, on this day in 1969 when the Second Doctor was put on trial by the Timelords in the tenth and final part of The War Games. The result was a sad farewell to Jaime, Zoe, and his current mop-top incarnation. Forced into regeneration and an Earth based exile, 5 million viewers said goodbye to Patrick Troughton, goodbye to black & white broadcasts, and goodbye to 1960s Doctor Who as the show took the longest break of its then seven year history, not returning for over 6 months until January 3rd 1970. Little did they know back then just how good they had it! Sadly, nowadays Who-dry years are a common occurrence.

Also on this day in Doctor who history, back in 2008 Donna Noble had a decision to make. Would she Turn Left? 8.09 million viewers tuned in to the Doctor-lite episode to find out what happened when she didn't. Oh, and Rose came back too. Hello again Rose 👋.

Related Programming
Staying in 2008, if you turned over after Turn Left and were watching BBC Three, back when it was an actual TV channel, then you would've caught the Doctor Who Confidential episode which went behind the scenes of the making of that week's story. Titled Here Come The Girls it began at 7:30pm and featured an exclusive interview with Billie Piper and contributions from Catherine Tate, David Tennant and Russell T Davies.

He thought he was The Next Doctor but he wasn't! Born June 21st 1964, David Morrisey played Jackson Lake in the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas Special, and you may well have seen him as The Governor in The Walking Dead, among many other roles throughout his long career.

Happy Birthday to you!

Join us again tomorrow for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the spin-offs, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Doctor Who history.

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