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Online VS Offline Slots: Payouts, RTPs and Experience

Some gamblers like to dive straight in when it comes to playing slots, as they are willing to learn on the go. Other punters are more methodical and like a cautious approach. This is when demo mode comes into play. It is also known as free play mode and most casinos allow you to practice playing slots before you start betting with real cash. You may find that you have to create an account first to be able to do this. Demo mode is very useful these days due to the huge amount of slots available. It can literally be hard to find a starting point with so many games to choose from. Obviously you can narrow it down by choosing a recommendation or theme that interests you, or you can play in a demo made until you land on a game that takes your fancy. You can also try out the RTP or Return To Player percentage theory on each slot and see whether you hit more regular wins even in demo mode, on high RTP games. You can even learn about the values of each symbol and see whether the bonus rounds are worth the wait and whether they have potential for large payouts - learn more.

Difference In Experience
Playing slots is supposed to be fun and demo mode allows you to get a general feel for a game. Most slot players discover their slot of choice through demo play and although you can experience the graphics, sound effects and bonuses, the gambling element is missing. Obviously, gambling is the major part of slots and this adds excitement and thrills to each spin. You can do max bets in demo mode to get a taste of what it is like to be a high roller, but it isn’t the same as playing with real cash. Despite the lack of excitement you can also test games in demo on your devices to make sure there are no technical issues when switching to real play.

Online Is Best
Although demo mode is the most secure way to play slots, as no banking details are required, the only way to properly experience these games is with real cash betting. Obviously you can lose all your cash but you also miss out on those big possible wins that all slot players eventually encounter.

Final Thoughts
Demo mode slots play allows you to discover the games that you would like to invest real cash in. This is no easy task these days due to online casinos being more slots focused. This means that each virtual casino has hundreds of slots to choose from. Demo play can save you wasting money on games that are not right for you and it can even help you choose a suitable casino that has more of the games you want. But for the full experience including winning real cash, nothing can top spinning the reels for real and landing a potentially lucrative bonus round.

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