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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: July 30th

It's the Sixth Doctor's turn to be all emotional in the rain...

July 30th
Today in Doctor Who history no new episodes have been broadcast! Sad, I know.

It happens. Especially at this time of year with the summer television schedules. Thankfully across all 366 potential Who-episode days, there are only about a dozen of which that are completely Who-episode free. And when we get a day like that, a day like today, we like to share with you a little oddity from the history of Doctor Who or from one of the many actors who have played the Time Lord.

Today is no exception. And what is below may just be the reason for the Sixth Doctor above looking all emotional.

Good old Colin Baker has been an absolute trooper for the world of Doctor Who. Despite being right-royally shafted by the BBC during his onscreen tenure, he's had the last laugh with a might impressive run of Big finish audio dramas. Looking back at his time on Doctor Who in the mid-1980s, what do you think Colin cites as his "one regret"? Could it be The Twin Dilemma? Could it be unknowingly signing off with "Carrot juice, carrot juice, carrot juice"? No! It's neither of them. Colin Baker's one regret of his time in Doctor Who was participating in the recording of the single Doctor in Distress.

And so here it is, in all its extended glory...

Join us again tomorrow when, perhaps, there might actually be a new episode of Doctor Who broadcast. Perhaps?

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