Today In DOCTOR WHO History: July 31st - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: July 31st

The driest days are often the rainiest.

July 31st
Oh dear! It's another dry day in Doctor Who, with no new episodes broadcast throughout the show's long, long history. Poor old rusty Dalek up there (not that Rusty) is so sad about it he can't even be bothered to scream "exterminate".

With no Doctor to destroy, our Dalek's thinking back to happier days. The days of Dalekmania when they dominated all medium. Not only were he and his friends routinely trotted out every half a dozen stories to combat (and be foiled by) the First Doctor on your televisual sets, not only where they the subject of their own annuals, found on lunch-boxes, underwear (!) and available in a variety of toy options, but they were making the leap to the big screen in Dr. Who & The Daleks, plus assaulting your ears with a tip-top pick-of-the-pops single...

Join us again tomorrow when we actually have some broadcast Doctor Who to round-up for you. Honestly.

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