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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: July 4th

Oh dear...

July 4th
Today in Doctor Who history no episodes have received their debut broadcast, and as you can see the First Doctor is very sad about that. Look at him up there. He's not been this upset since Mars stopped producing Spangles. Oh he loved his boiled sweets did old Firsty.

Sadly with the Summer ratings generally low, July 4th will likely remain new-Who free for many years to come. With this being the case, and because you've been nice enough to come and visit us today, why not enjoy three minutes in the company of Tom Baker and Lalla Ward in character as the Fourth Doctor and Romana advertising Prime Computers...

Quality stuff that. Minus the "Dr. Who" reference. The four ads were recorded in 1979 and broadcast only on Australian television. Tom is said to have written the scripts himself - although I'm not sure that Romana needed mansplaining Gallifrey's location. It's not like she's a Time Lord and comes from there or anything, is it? But it's a nice touch of his to include the "Marry the girl, Doctor" segment, as the pair did indeed get married the following year.

Join us again tomorrow when we actually have proper, genuine Doctor Who episodes to round-up. Honest.

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