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Five Fast Facts About BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY


1. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey was originally titled "Bill & Ted Go To Hell" (the soundtrack even features the song "Go to Hell" by Megadeth, which Dave Mustaine of the band wrote especially for the film) which, of course, go to hell is what Bill & Ted actually do in the film. But fears over American's sensitivities to the use of the word "hell" caused it to be changed.

2. Joss Ackland's character is called Chuck De Nomolos. De Nomolos is Bill & Ted co-creator and writer Ed Solomon's name spelled backwards.

That's not the only time you'll hear Ed's name as Solomon, along with co-writer/creator Chris Matheson, are present during Missy's séance (Chris is the guy with the white shirt, and Ed is the guy with the glasses). During that scene the chant they perform if read backwards spells "Ed and Chris will rule the world."

3. The "Riddance of Evil" book that Missy uses to send Bill and Ted to Hell, is actually a re-dressed copy of the Stephen King short-story collection "Four Past Midnight." She opens it to a page in the story "Secret Window, Secret Garden," which can be read clearly in a few frames of the film.

4. The mountain, to which Bill and Ted are brought to be killed by the evil robots, is the same mountain Captain Kirk climbs in the 1967 Star Trek episode Arena, which Bill and Ted previously watched in their apartment.

5. The name "Station" was the result of a leftover editing typo. According to Ed Soloman the writers had cut a scene from the script, labeled "INT. POLICE STATION" but had left the "STATION" part in. When they discovered the mistake during a read through, at which time both were drunk, they found that saying "Station" in a "[tiny] Martian voice" was hilarious. And so the name stuck.

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