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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: August 19th

I'm not a huge fan of John Barrowman's singing either, but come on! This is a bit extreme, surely?

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August 19th 
It's another day in Doctor Who history where no new episodes have received their debut UK broadcast. We have to cross the Atlantic for our only entry into our daily round-up of all things Who related, and there we find the seventh episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, titled Immortal Sins, which received its worldwide premiere on August 19th 2011 on the premium cable channel Starz. Quite a top episode of the series, IMHO, but the padding of earlier episodes meant Miracle Day had lost a lot of its early momentum and audience. Only .92 million viewers tuned in for the flashback to 1920s New York.

And that is the lot for today. Tomorrow's a big one though, just not in episodes! Join us then and find out what went down on that day in Doctor Who history.

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