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Five Fast Facts About UNCLE BUCK

What's your record for consecutive questions asked?

Released on August 16th 1989, written & directed by John Hughes and starring the late, great John Candy and Macaulay Culkin, Uncle Buck launched the career of its child star, and although it received mixed reviews, opened at number one and was a big box office success.

On the anniversary of its release, here are five fast facts about Uncle Buck...

1. Danny DeVito, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Michael Keaton, George Wendt, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman, Ed O'Neill and Joe Pesci were all considered for the lead role of 'Uncle' Buck Russell before it went to John Candy.

2. All the internal filming (and some of the supposed external) took place in a vacant high school near John Hughes Chicago home. Three of the school's gyms were converted into sound stages on which several sets were constructed including the two-leveled interior of the Russell House, Buck's bedroom, a corridor in the elementary school, the boys' restroom, the principal's office, a classroom, and several smaller sets.

The school was also equipped to suit the needs of the cast and crew behind-the-scenes, classrooms for the young actors, offices, dressing rooms, wardrobe department, editing facilities, a special effects shop, equipment storage areas, and a projection booth.

3. After playing Maizy Russell (above right) Gaby Hoffman temporary quit acting (she'd previously starred alongside Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams). Hoffman had reportedly not got on well with Macauley Culkin and grew tired of the rigors of screen performance. However, after Home Alone was released and upon hearing that Culkin was making a lot of money in feature films, her "competitive spirit got the best of her", as she later put it, and she re-entered the profession. Hoffman is probably best known today for her role as Ali Pfefferman / Rose Pfefferman in Transparent, and that of Caroline Sackler in Girls.

As the other sibling in the Russell family, Tia was played by Jean Louisa Kelly in what was her first feature film. Kelly is now probably best known for portraying Kim Warner on the CBS sitcom Yes, Dear, and she'll star opposite Tom Cruise in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick.

Anna Chlumsky (above left) also received her first on screen acting credit for Uncle Buck, simple playing "School Girl". Chlumsky would go on to star in My Girl with Macauley Culkin, and is probably best known as Amy Brookheimer in Veep.

4. During the famous scene where Miles interrogates Uncle Buck, a shot was set-up with a close up on Macauley Culkin's character whilst John Candy. who had written out the script's dialogue, wore a hat with the lines attached to it, so Culkin could read the lines more quickly and keep the pace of the scene very fast.

5. John Hughes came up with the idea for Home Alone whilst making Uncle Buck. The scene where Macaulay Culkin looks through the letter box (or mail slot for our American friends) and spots 3 random faces, combined with his interrogation, inspired Hughes to pen the hit comedy and create the role of Kevin McCallister specifically for Culkin. The letter box scene is recreated in Home Alone, but with Culkin using Daniel Stern’s face as target practice.

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