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Vintage Items That Are Worth A Fortune Today

You might be stuck at home today thinking about what to do to pass your time while earning some money. The good thing is, you can earn money without leaving your house. What you need to do is just look at some of your household items sitting in your attic and basement. It's not impossible that what you think is junk will be worth a fortune today. If you are wondering which vintage item that you might have in your possession that will give you some serious cash, we made this list to help you.

1. Comic Books
The first comic book was released in the 1930s, and starting from that there are many collectibles released after. You probably had some of these collectibles as a kid and there is a big likelihood that they are now vintage and would cost a lot to purchase today. Although issues may vary a lot due to the condition and limited availability, you can still check the legitimate price guide or have them appraised. The most expensive comic book that has been sold is a 1938 Action Comics featuring Superman which sold at $3.2 million. Plenty of serious collectors will pay a lot for an item if they are limited edition or in pristine condition. You should research properly what the price is before buying or selling anything.

2. Costume Jewelry
Costume jewelry dates back to the early 20th century. Many women and girls would wear the elaborate designs with their fancy dresses, extravagant hair and makeup up. Nowadays, we tend to see costume jewelry in some old closets of our grandmothers or even in thrift shops. More or less, we always assume that they are worthless or fake. One way to know is to check the hallmark of it, most of the most common gold hallmarks are 18K, 14K, 10K, 750, 585, 375. There are also hallmarks for platinum and silver jewelry. They are usually heavier and solid-looking than other cheaper ones. So before you throw away or disregard costume jewelry, next time make sure that you inspect them properly as they may be valuable pieces.

3. Typewriters
Nowadays with modern technology typewriters are considered vintage items, and it's now very uncommon to see them in houses and offices. While they are unusual to come across, if you have one stashed in your attic it might be worth a fortune nowadays. The most expensive typewriter that was purchased cost $254,500, it was a Lettera 32 Olivetti and had been used by the famous author Cormac McCarthy. Although not all will reach a price near that, typewriters can often be sold at expensive prices to collectors and even museums.

These are just a few of the vintage items that can be worth a fortune nowadays, although many other vintage items can now also be sold at an expensive prices. However, the price of the item can also be affected by its condition and rarity, so you should do your research first before buying and selling them. You can now start thrift shopping or rummaging your basement and attic for any of these, just make sure you will not hoard any unnecessary junk while doing so.

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