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How To Stay Healthy When Gaming

Everyone knows that sitting in front of a screen all day isn't good for your health. Be it binge-watching the latest TV show or playing that new game you've been waiting for.

That's not to say you can't still be healthy and do what you love doing each and every day. But how can you do it and still make sure you are healthy. 

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Regularly Attend Medical Appointments
Keeping on top of any health conditions and concerns you may have is essential. Don't brush off something you are concerned about as leaving the issue could make things worse than they need to be no matter how silly it may seem.

Your eye health is important too. Looking at a screen for hours on end can put considerable strain on your eyes. No one wants to damage their eyesight so make sure you are getting regular check-ups and your prescription eyewear if you need it is up to date. Be it glasses or contact lenses.

Glasses wearers may benefit from no glare glasses to reduce the glare from being in front of a screen every day. It is also advisable to have your screen at eye level to reduce further strain on your eyes.

If you find you are getting regular headaches you need to get checked out as poor eyesight can put a strain on your eyes resulting in headaches from struggling to focus.

Prioritise your health by making sure you attend your appointments with your physician and discuss any concerns you might have about your physical and your mental health. An increase in gaming times or change in your behaviour towards gaming could indicate you are struggling with your mental health and using your online world to escape.

Fresh air and Exercise
Get outside as much as you can. You still need to stay active and even 15 minutes of activity and a breath of fresh air every day can be massively beneficial to your health in a good way.

Take up running or fit in a quick HIIT workout during frequent breaks. Yoga and stretches can help ease tension in your body and help you ward off cramps and joint stiffness or pain from prolonged gameplay. Again you don't need to dedicate a lot of time each day. 30 mins of exercise at least 5 times a week can make all the difference to your physical health.

Remaining in a sitting position isn't healthy. In-chair exercises that help keep blood circulating in your limbs can reduce the chance of developing blood clots from sitting too much.

Try to get up and move around at regular intervals - an activity tracker can be useful in prompting you to move throughout the day. Or invest in a standing or walking desk that removes the option to sit down and makes you be active at your computer set up. Set an alarm to remind you to move or make a regular timeslot to workout.

Open doors or windows to help you get fresh air into your lungs.

If you've ever felt strong emotions or had elaborate reactions to your gameplay, you could be at risk of high blood pressure or stress levels.

Gaming, especially in multiplayer mode can evoke rage, sadness, despair not to mention obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

Combat these feelings and potential health concerns by incorporating meditation into your day.

Follow an app led programme or Head to YouTube to find a video that helps you find your inner peace and clear your mind. Meditation is proven to help reduce stress levels, improve sleep routines and encourage a healthier frame of mind.

Take it one step further and practise mindfulness each day. Keep your thoughts and actions in the here and now and let go of things you can control or don't need your immediate response.

Mix things up with the games you play 

It is also especially important to mix things up a little when it comes to the games that you play. You may want to try different devices or even embrace a bit of mobile gaming. 

If you usually play role play games then why not mix things up with sharp shooter games instead? Maybe you like the idea of playing online puzzle games like minesweeper which is a great way to keep your brain sharp. 

Keeping things different helps to peak your interest in gaming and also keeps thing 

Healthy Diet.
Are you guilty of heading into a gaming session with just energy drinks and junk food as your companions?

Water and fruit just don't have the same appeal, do they? However, neglecting them from your daily diet can have detrimental effects on your health in the immediate and long term future. Prep some healthy snacks before you sit down to play and make meals ahead of time so you can eat well with little disruption. The same goes for water, swap some of your usual drinks for water. Meal planning and preparation are key to help you eat better when you dedicate your time to gaming.

If you have ever gotten lost in an online world only to realise that you have been playing all night, you will know only too well the effects of sleep deprivation. Sleep is important to help keep your body in the best condition possible and forgoing sleep to play or to fit in gaming around other commitments will soon catch up with you and chances are, it won’t be pleasant.

Most people need around 8 hours of sleep a day. But this is dependent on your personal lifestyle and body clock. If you aren’t sleeping at night, try having naps during the day or moving more to tire your body out.

If you are overstimulated, chances are you will find falling asleep naturally difficult. So trying to switch off around an hour or more before bed will help you get ready for sleep. As will avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and sugary foods.

Baths and showers before bed can help to relax you and get you ready for bed as will removing any screens emitting blue light into your room and avoiding using your phone. Natural sleep remedies such as using lavender can help to get you in the zone if you are struggling to doze off.

In conclusion; there is no reason why you can't commit to staying healthy as a gamer. Indulging in what makes you happy is essential for everyone but making sure you are being proactive when it comes to your health is something you should be doing each and every day.

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