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Best TV Shows & Movies Based On Esports

Often, what makes a movie or TV show accessible to an audience is the simplicity of its presentation. Viewers can get discouraged if this is missing in a production. Simplicity is key and goes a long way to captivate people’s hearts. Below is a rundown of the top Esports movies and TV shows to watch, all of which include that vital element...

The King’s Avatar
The King's Avatar is a 2017 animated network series that was directed by K Xiong. The TV show is based on Hu Dielan’s novel, which portrays the Chinese fictional Esport scene, centered around “Glory,” a multi-player online video game, and a pro Esport gamer called Ye Xiu who was considered the champion of “Glory”

The King's Avatar tells the story of Ye's struggles in life from when he used to play with his previous team and when he left them because of his principles and became a night shift manager, after which he finally started his journey to the Glory championship tournament from nothing. Rated 8.2 by IMDb, this is a must-watch. 

The Celebrity Millionaires of Competitive Gaming
Produced by Vice, this 2015 Esports documentary is about professional gamers of the “League of Legends” video game in South Korea. The documentary gives the audience a look at the ever-increasing world of competitive video gaming where a gamer is seen to have either made a fortune from playing video games and becoming famous, or ending up in a psych ward after being unsuccessful in the field or needing rehab for other reasons. 

The documentary also shows how South Korean video gamers live, and is a great introduction for newbie gamers wanting to know more about how they can start playing video games online professionally. One thing that intrigued gamers about esports was that they could bet on games, and many want to know how esports skins bets work so they can cash in on the trend.

Focus is another documentary. Directed by Steve Hwang and released in 2010, it follows a Street Fighter tournament centered around player Mike Ross, and shows his life, origin, struggles, and hardship that he faced. 

Ross was a 26 years old African American who was jobless and a college graduate at the time. Focus explores his love of video games and how he was considered one of the world’s best, and takes you through his journey while preparing for the most significant tournament of his life.  

Free to Play: The Movie
Free to Play: The Movie was produced by American video game company Valve in 2014, and portrays the challenges and struggles faced by three best pro-video game players, Daniel “Dendi” Ishutin from Ukraine, Benedict Kim, aka Hyhy from Singapore, and Clinton Loomis, “Fear” from the USA. 

Free to Play: The Movie shows their struggles in overcoming their personal fears, and pressure from family and friends, as they compete in the first international tournament Dota 2 for a million dollars championship prize that could change their lives forever. Despite the fierce competition and struggle, they never let anything stand in their way.

Rise of The Esport Hero
Rise of The Esport Hero is directed by Erica Landrock and Stephen Gillis and was released in 2013. Following “Team Evil Geniuses”, North America’s top Esport team, the movie gives the audience an insight into the professional gaming world. Not only did the producers explore the subculture of pro-gaming, but they also gave viewers a look into the lives of all the members of Team Evil Geniuses.

We see the team members touring the world and participating in many tournaments for fun and for money. The cast also includes some of the best of Canada’s Esport pros, like Chris Loranger “Huk,” Greg Fluids “Idra,” who is a starcraft legend, the CEO of the team Alex Garfield, and a former college captain of Geoff Robinson football team. If you want to learn more about the experience of being a gaming team leader and what it takes to attain that title, plus the challenges they face in becoming successful, then this 45 minute documentary is for you.


For those of you who are down for teen drama, Noobies is a must-watch. The series premiered in 2018 on Nickelodeon and features an Esport team, “Noobies,” that was established by a group of teenagers whose dream and goal is to become the best team and take part in the Esport championship, winning the title of “Professional Video Games League.” Rated a 7.3 on IMDb, Noobies is binge-watch worthy.

For those of us that have heard about the E-gaming sector and can’t quite relate to the intrigue of it, the movies and shows above give an opportunity to understand the fun of Esports; the struggles of those trying to breakthrough in the field, what it takes to become a pro, how the pros live, how to stay pro,  and how many individuals have had their successes in the field.

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