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Why Are TV Sports Important?

Whether or not you watch sports on your TV, you may not think of them in terms of importance. You’ll more than likely consider them to be great entertainment, something that passes the time, something that you enjoy. But important? It’s unlikely. The truth is, though, that sports on TV are important for many different reasons. Whether you love sports or you’re not so keen, you have to admit that the following reasons are undoubtedly interesting, and your mind might even be changed.

It makes no difference what sports you might enjoy most, whether it’s football, soccer, tennis, athletics, baseball, or anything else, and it makes no difference whether you play them yourself or simply prefer being a spectator, there is no denying the fact that sports can bring you close to your friends. TV sports has a definite part to play in this.

If you can see your friends, you might invite them to your home – or go to theirs – to watch a vital sporting fixture. You can have snacks or a takeout meal, you can have drinks and treats, and you can enjoy the game together in a comfortable space.

If you can’t see your friends, TV sports still holds an important place. Try video calling your pals and watching the game or match at the same time. Just because you aren’t in the room together doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sports on your TV together. It might be a different way of doing things, but it can still be done.

However you spend time with your friends, whether it’s in-person or virtually, you can use the sports on the TV as a bonding tool, something you can both – or all if there is more than one additional person – can get behind and be a part of. If TV sports didn’t exist, this opportunity to spend time with your friends wouldn’t exist either.

You might even make friends through your love of TV sports. Colleagues at work might have the same passions as you, for example, or you might find someone online to watch a game with; they could even be on the other side of the world.

Making friends as an adult is crucial for a happy, joyous life. It is good for your mental health, and for your physical health too in many respects. You might not have as many friends as you did when you were a child, but you will have closer ones, and if TV sports are what brings you closer, there is nothing wrong with that.

Life Lessons
Watching sports on TV gives you a chance to learn some vital life skills that you might not have learned any other way. TV sports are a microcosm of ‘real life’, so what you see there can help point you in the right direction in other areas of your life too.

No matter what it is you do for a living, learning lessons that can be incorporated into your daily career is no bad thing. When it comes to sports on TV, you might learn how teams work together, for example, or how to be a gracious winner (or loser). You’ll also get a great perspective on life in general. All of these lessons and many more besides can be used to significant effect in your life and your career.

A Mood Enhancer
It’s good to feel good, and if it is watching TV sports that makes you feel good, then you should definitely do more of it. Even if your team loses, if you have enjoyed the rest of the game that loss can be mitigated and you’ll still feel better than if you hadn’t had the chance to watch anything at all.

This isn’t just a feeling or an idea. There is a scientific explanation for why we feel good when we watch sports. It is because the more we are enjoying the action on the small screen, the more serotonin our body produces. Otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’, serotonin reduces the amount of cortisol (another hormone) that might be in your body. Why is this a good thing? It’s good because cortisol is called the ‘stress hormone’ and, as the name suggests, can make us feel anxious and uncomfortable. Less cortisol and more serotonin will boost your mood for many hours.

More Accessible
Sport needs to be more accessible for everyone who enjoys it. Unfortunately, when it comes to buying tickets to see live games and matches, some people just can’t afford to. There are a number of reasons why sporting events are so expensive, but when you think of the vast numbers involved in paying the players, you can see how clubs and teams would need to make their money back. A good example is the money spent by Inter Milan – €1.58bn – on transfers since 2000.

However, if you can watch a match on TV, you don’t have to pay the high ticket prices. Neither do you have to pay for transport to get there. Parking isn’t a problem. You don’t have to buy expensive food and drinks in the stadium or at a café or restaurant afterward. You don’t even have to take time off work to watch an important match since you will always be able to stream the event at a later time (just make sure not to accidentally see the score before you’re ready to).

Although seeing a live match is fun, it is something that should be saved for a special occasion. Watching on your TV means that you’ll never miss a shot, goal, or win, and therefore it is much more accessible and much fairer to all.

It’s Good For Your Brain
Keeping our brains healthy and active is something we all need to do more of. The more active our brains are, the less likely it is that we will develop degenerative brain conditions such as dementia in the future. Nothing is guaranteed, but doing what you can to exercise your brain certainly won’t do any harm, and may well do a lot of good.

Watching sports on TV is something that, perhaps surprisingly, will give your brain a workout. Watching sport regularly gives you additional mental capacity. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport it is, and you don’t have to be there at the field or stadium either. Watching on TV is just fine as it has the same scientifically-proven effect.

The reason for this increased brain activity is many-fold. Firstly, when you watch you will become an ‘armchair coach’, coming up with your own ideas about how the game should be played and what the players should be doing. Even if this turns out to be the wrong decision, it won’t affect the game, and it won’t affect how well your brain is working. You don’t have to be right; you just need to be thinking.

Secondly, you will often be given a lot of information about the players, their team, the manager, their past performances, and more. This will come from the commentators, or perhaps it will be shown on screen. Either way, hearing or reading this information will boost your knowledge and help your brain stay active.

Of course, watching sports on TV is not a good way to get fit. In fact, too much sitting around and not enough exercise can make your fitness levels worse, and if you aren’t careful and don’t eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, you can find that you have put in weight.

Yet TV sports can help with this, even if it can also create the situation in the first place. It can help because it can give those watching the inspiration to get up and do something similar in terms of exercise. They might find they love a particular sport so much that they want to be more involved, so they join a local team. Or they might look at the men and women taking part on their TVs and realize just how fit and healthy they are. This might serve as inspiration for them to start attending a gym more regularly, or to go swimming or running, or even to go for a walk around the block once or twice a day. If this is more than they are doing right now, then it’s a good start.

The Comfort Factor
Being comfortable is something that should never be overlooked in terms of its importance. For those who have a physical disability that causes them chronic pain, for example, sitting in a stadium could be impossible. Even for those who don’t have such a problem, the idea of being out of the house isn’t something they are happy to think about.

When you are comfortable and in your own familiar surroundings, you will be able to enjoy yourself much more. You can be yourself and feel much freer. If you love sports, this is only possible if you decide to watch the game on TV and not out in the real world.

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