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The Richest Fictional Characters From Film & TV

It would be very easy to think that as the star characters of television and movies are only seen in certain episodes where money isn’t necessarily the most important thing in their lives. However, in some cases, with the luxury lifestyle that some characters possess, the amount of money they have becomes integral - and here are some of the richest.

Scrooge McDuck - and his trillions
Due to the actual prominence of money on-screen, it can be said that animated characters like Scrooge McDuck in the Ducktales television series and associated movies such as DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp is one of the richest fictional characters. There are probably not many other fictional characters that have the ability to open up a vault and swim around in a seemingly endless pit of money, and it’s for this reason that Scrooge McDuck goes down here. He has, in other publications widely been lauded for having an immense net worth in the trillions, just in gold alone!
Mr Burns - and his millions
There are other animated characters who’ve been reputed for having a high amount of wealth, such as The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns, who has actually been compared with Scrooge before. However, Mr. Burns, despite being Springfield’s resident billionaire, greatly falls short of Scrooge with a net worth of around $17 billion.
Bond, James Bond - and his gadgets
In terms of characters that aren’t animated, surely one of the wealthiest has to be James Bond in his various forms. Even with some of his excursions being paid for by MI5, those games of baccarat can hardly come cheap. He’s also got to have a considerable fortune to maintain an ever-growing collection of tuxedos, Aston Martins and Omega watches. However, even with such physical assets, Bond fundamentally works for the civil service in Britain and is just an employee, so his salary arguably won’t be more than £50,000 (around $70.8k) a year. As a result of this, while Bond’s wealth in terms of possessions may well be high, the actual wage he earns won’t be as high as other fictional characters. This is true when he is placed next to the likes of our next fictional character...
Tony Stark - and his space-age tech
Tony Stark is noted for being a billionaire as well as Iron Man. Stark has made his fortune from running a business as the head of Stark Industries producing space-age tech that can look to help firms and people alike.
Batman - and his empire
Other superheroes, like Bruce Wayne as Batman, have also built up a vast fortune as a result of running their own companies. Wayne Enterprises over both the series of Batman comic books and films has a rather large number of subsidiaries in sectors like aerospace, home security and construction. Moreover, as a modern multi-national corporation, Bruce Wayne appears to be set for life given the money it generates for his personal fortune.

It’s obviously not just the fictional characters who can indulge in a luxury lifestyle, as many real-world people - from all backgrounds - also can. Games such as the lottery have given ordinary people the chance to win a sizeable chunk of money that they can then use to live the luxury life. But it’s definitely fair to say that this whole host of rich fictional characters who have graced screens over the years provide excellent entertainment. With their zanily high fortunes, it’s all the more intriguing to find out how they’re supposed to have made their fortune and become as famous as they have over the years.


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