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Five Gaming Activities You Can Now Do Remotely With The Help Of Tech

2020 was the year of going remote! Be it work, education, celebrations - everything could be and had to be done remotely, and with advanced technological solutions, it was all possible. We’ve put together a list of games and activities that you once could do just in the real world but can now also be done in the online world, remotely.

A Virtual Escape Room
Escape rooms have become quite the rage in the past few years. They’ve become a great venue to kickstart a party or a get-together and a popular activity for office parties and team bonding days.

But with everything shut down over the past year, activities and outings such as escape rooms seemed to be impossible to do. Until, a virtual escape room came into the picture! All you and your team members have to do is log onto your video conferencing app at the same time (as you would do for a Zoom meeting) and the host will get you started. There is a guide in the room with a live camera, and you and your team need to work together to direct your guide through the adventure. There is also a digital dashboard where you can pick up clues along the way. So now you can enjoy the excitement of an escape room even remotely!

Multi-Player Video Games
Video games are fun but are even more fun when played together with a friend. And with technology, it’s possible to enjoy your video gaming sessions with a number of friends, without them even having to be in your home (perfect for the lockdown period). What’s more, they can even be in another part of the world and be playing the same game with you!

Play Against A Computer
Who would have thought that you can play games such as chess without a partner! Digital games and board games means you don’t require another physical player - your computer (or laptop or tablet) screen can be your opponent. Which means you can play board games whenever you like, even if you don’t have company!

Scavenger Hunt
This age-old classic game can also be played online - and remotely - and yes, it can still be a lot of fun!!! Everyone can make their own list of items to be found, and you and your friends can take it in turns to read your lists aloud. You will be running around the house searching for any and everything ranging from a pencil to a toothbrush, so this is not going to be a game you can comfortably sit on your sofa and play!

Pictionary With A Twist!
Pictionary is a classic group/ party/ team-bonding/ ice-breaking game, and now there are various online versions available with a few variations and twists. These virtual versions are just as exciting.

The video chat platform Houseparty offers a Pictionary-like game called Quick Draw where everyone takes it in turns to draw an object in a given amount of time (on a shared screen) and everyone else has to guess the object.

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