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Everything You Need to Know About The Dark Knight Slot Game

The humble mechanics and rules of slot machine games have come a long way in the last decade, especially when it comes to online versions. Huge advances in technology, both browser and device, means that it is much easier to enjoy slot games no matter where you are. With such advances, many new slot games and themes have started to show up and people seem to adore them. One such game involves the big movie title Dark Knight, and just like being a hero in his movie, Batman is a hero in the Dark Knight Slot game. You can easily find the Dark Knight game with your favorite online casino, but before you start, here is what you should know about the game.

What is the Dark Knight Slot?
The Dark Knight is developed by Microgaming and it is a five-reel game with 243 pay lines. As the very name suggests, this slot game is based on the legendary DC Comics franchise Batman and it features the eponymous superhero’s battle against his nemesis the Joker. Fans of the franchise will enjoy this movie adaptation and they can see that some minor characters, too, appear in the game, including Commissioner Gordon and the mobster Maroni, among many others. This slot game by Microgaming and finding The Dark Knight should be easy, just browse the sites and it will pop up.

What Makes The Dark Knight Slot Special?
There are so many different slot games online, but why are fans drawn to The Dark Knight so much? One of the reasons might be the fact that players simply love Batman comics and movies. Another great reason is the storyline element. Batman has been one of the most iconic and popular figures for almost a century and there are no signs of that changing soon.

Microgaming have done their best to create a storyline into their game, and the video cut-scenes quality is high, and such scenes are scattered throughout the game and feature the dark and classically gloomy Gotham feel in the entire game.

The gameplay has 5 reels and 243 pay lines, and there is a solid choice of jackpots, free spins, and bonuses that this game provides to its fans. Even those players who like to play on a budget can appreciate the coin sizes of $0.01 and $0.02, plus there is a Mega Progressive Jackpot which provides an opportunity to win big. Not to forget to mention that free spins, wild and scatter symbols provide an extra dimension to the game, and everything is themed according to the Batman franchise.

Game’s Bonuses
As mentioned, The Dark Knight has some great bonuses that can help you win more. As the game progresses, you are bound to come across some bonuses, but you will need to be patient since it won’t be easy and you just need to believe in yourself and enjoy the game.

However, there are random Batman and Joker bonuses, and they will be there for you, but you won’t know when they are going to pop up. But, as soon as you see that Joker appear on your screen you will know that you have won some cash! You will also win Free Spin Bonuses or it will activate by itself when you get 3 wild symbols on any of the spins. Then, your wins will double and you can begin with 15 free spins.

Different Versions of Dark Knight
Over the years, there were several slot games that have used the name Dark Knight in order to provide a great experience and themes for slots. However, Batman fans shouldn’t get confused by different versions of the title.

The first slot game with the name The Dark Knight appeared a while ago, and the game was created by software house IGT. This version of the game was only available offline and fans who wanted to play had to go to real-world casinos. And there is still plenty of uncertainty whether IGT’s Dark Knight will become an online slot game.

In 2012 though, Microgaming released the first online Dark Knight slot game. After their game reached great success, they followed up this game with a sequel The Dark Knight Rises. Even though the sequel was much anticipated, it received relatively poor success and reviews, but The Dark Knight still remains the flagship title to this day.

Microgaming has done it again, and they have provided us with a great slot game to play, featuring the most iconic superhero figure - Batman. The Dark Knight slot game is easy to play, there are plenty of bonuses and chances to win, and all you have to do is sign up to a site and try your luck.

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