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Farm at Home Using Yield Farming

What is DeFi?
The use of technology for finance is not new but system management is different if you are using decentralized finance controls. Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, is the system where financial products become available in the public cryptocurrency network but with a wider scope. Rather than going out to access resources to physical banks, the DeFi solution makes it accessible to anyone who needs it. There are also multiple agreements that are used to accomplish the goal of DeFi. A decentralized finance solution is intended to dismiss intermediaries between two parties. Nowadays, most financial transactions are achieved with the use of technology. DeFi applications provide users full dominance over their money through personal wallets and trading services, especially in what exactly is yield farming.

What is Yield Farming?
Yield Farming is one of the ways to gain more crypto and resources using your other crypto. It is securing cryptocurrency and gaining rewards. This yield farming system involves lending crypto resources to others but with the security of smart contracts. Smart contracts play a huge role in keeping the resources you lend safely. Using the self-executing program of smart contract, most of the tasks that you need to accomplish in yield farming can be done by automation. With the use of smart contracts, lenders and borrowers can do the service anonymously because blockchain networks ensure that all the collected data are true so you don't need to worry about lending your resources without knowing your borrower's' identity.

Why is it important to stay at home?
These days, it is very important to stay at home and be safe, but what people worry about is how they can make money without working outside the area of their home. A lot of people considered working in an office or field as a source of their income, but they can learn further than that. With the use of the rising technology, networks, and access to the internet, they are now able to generate more assets than they can imagine. Storing assets to secure them is not bad, but it will be very helpful for a person, especially a crypto asset holder, to invest to ensure their future by being more strategic and knowledgeable about the technology, more likely with the devices and application that they are using.

Many worry about taking high risks, especially when talking about finance. It is not easy to earn money but is more difficult if you lose a bunch of it. With the use of modern technology, the worry and risk become more minimal.

The convenience of yield app
With the yield app, users can render a big amount from DeFi products. The app lets users conveniently access their funds and decide which program suits them best. Yield App was designed to render a decentralized finance banking solution and be accessible to those who have smartphones and internet connections. You don't need to take the complicated steps in DeFi by using an automated DeFi portfolio to maximize the rendering of yields. With this, you can gain maximum profit and minimum risk.

What they can expect in yield farming?
Yield Farming can maximize the return of investments with the use of multiple DeFi protocols. Yield farming with the use of the yield app, you can be sure that you earn positive interest with your invested assets daily even when you are asleep. A lot of crypto holders choose the Yield app because it can generate and return a higher rate of annual percentage yield.

Farming Techniques
Variety of pools, protocols, and techniques or strategies that are used by yield providers. But one of the best techniques is Liquidity Mining.

Liquidity Mining
Users can earn yield by extending the supply of liquidity and taking out crypto loans to ensure that the pools can fit in with the needs of their users. With this, liquidity providers have rewarded their investments with tokens.
  1. High Risk: Not all investments are only connected to money back or high returns, you also have risks to take. Yield farming is not easy- if you want your money to be safe and you want to gain more crypto you need to be an advanced user because if you don't know what you are doing, you'll likely lose your investment and resources. You can leverage your asset four times its rate but it comes with great risk in liquidation. Participants also go for further risks of temporary loss and price backlogs when the markets are unpredictable. Coding glitches can happen when strong competition between protocols is present. Risky protocols that rig out meme tokens keep on arising. Tokens are name-based on fruits and animals. If you want to take the risk of joining yield farming you should go for further research before risking your resources. Also, take note that essential financial risks also support financial services.
  2. High Returns: Investments are mostly measured with the rate of return. These are the metrics used in calculating the rate of returns:

  3. Annual Percentage Return (APR): This metric doesn’t take into account the effect of compounding, unlike annual percentage yield. Yield farming returns are completed annually. The value of the issued return rises its value as the rise of investors gives funds to the related liquidity pool.
    Annual Percentage Yield (APY): These incentives can be a percentage of transaction fees, interest from lenders, or a governance token. Interest payments will be larger based on the higher balance. Its computations are not merged with account fees, only in compounding periods.
DeFi doesn’t need to be so complicated. In the system of DeFi and Yield Farming; lending, borrowing, and investing become more essential as time goes by especially for those who are afraid of lending companies and banks with intermediaries. DeFi and Yield Farming extend its power over yield providers who want to keep their resources. These solutions now serve as one of the best investment strategies for crypto-asset holders. Some people believe that Yield farming doesn’t deserve the attention in the world of DeFi still, Yield farming continues its goal to be a great money-making system and be more profitable in its way.

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