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Top 10 Cult Classic Video Games to Play in 2021

Video games have been around for the last four decades. However, a select few proved to be way ahead of their time and it wasn’t until recently that gamers began appreciating their true worth. In fact, quite a few classic titles that weren’t commercially successful at launch became crowd-favorites over time.

However, this trend isn’t restricted to video games. Plenty of classic casino games are popular across the world today. The Latvian gambling industry is a prime example as numerous video slots like Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Moolah have reached cult status in the Baltic region.

Getting back to the topic at hand, here’s a list of the top 10 cult classic video games you can play in 2021.

10 Cult Classic Video Games You Can Play Today
1. Quake III: Arena – One of the most popular multiplayer video games from back in the day, Quake III: Arena is an arcade-styled FPS with fast-paced action. The gameplay was extremely smooth which made it exciting for gamers. Couple that with futuristic weapons like energy balls, laser, and RPGs and you have the perfect recipe for wholesome entertainment.

2. Castle Wolfenstein – Launched back in the ‘80s, the graphics and animation of Castle Wolfenstein might seem like a fossil to current gamers, but the plot is pure gold and that’s what makes it popular with the mature audience. The game revolves around the adventures of a spy on a mission to infiltrate a Nazi fortification to steal intel and possibly turn the tides of WWII.

3. Beyond Good & Evil – A unique game even by today’s standards. This classic title revolves around solving puzzles and exploring the world to fight an alien invasion. An addictive storyline with a semi-open-world theme is the highlight of the game. Players love the fast-paced yet stealthy gameplay.

4. Serious Sam: The First Encounter – The Serious Sam franchise was designed to be Croteam’s Serious Engine demo and was never built for commercial use. The dynamic gameplay coupled with dozens of hidden secrets propelled the First Encounter’s popularity through the roof.

5. Gothic – Old-school RPG players will remember the first Gothic fantasy video game. While the title featured an open-world environment, the players were encouraged to follow the main plot. The controls might feel a bit dated even compared to the time, but things quickly start looking up once you get the hang of it.

6. Deus Ex – A dream come true for conspiracy theorists, Deus Ex narrates the story of JC Denton, a secret agent in charge of recovering the vaccine for a deadly virus. The game focuses on freedom of choice and the outcomes vary according to the individual choices the players make.

7. Grim Fandango – A humorous take on life after death. The plot revolves around the fictitious Department of Death, a company that takes care of recently deceased souls as they make a transition to the afterlife. The game is packed with riddles that can only be solved by interacting with objects and NPCs.

8. Fallout – While the newest game is still under production, it has been over two decades since the first title hit the showroom. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic plots, it doesn’t get any better than this. Character customization and turn-based combat were the highlights of the title.

9. DOOM 64 – A much-loved sequel to Doom II, DOOM 64 is an iconic series that retains most of what made its predecessor successful. A classic FPS title that focuses on slaying demons, the game has 32 layers with varying difficulty levels to keep the players engaged.

10. Psychonauts – if you haven’t played Psychonauts, this is your cue. The plot revolves around a young boy with psychic abilities who wants to be a special agent and fight the bad guys. The storyline has a great sense of humor with silly places waiting to be explored.

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