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Setting Up The Perfect VR Gaming Space

Virtual reality used to be this crazy expensive thing that normal gamers couldn’t afford to get on board with. Initially, most of the games were more test runs than actual games worth playing too, so people weren’t sure whether it would take off or not.

But now, VR looks set to be the future of gaming because the price has come down and lots of amazing games are being developed for it. If you are about to get in on the VR hype, you’ll need a space to play, and the way it should be set up is different from a normal gaming space. Here’s how to set up the perfect virtual reality gaming room.

Choosing Your VR Device
Before you design the room, you should decide which VR device you want to go with because the setup is slightly different on each and that will factor into your room design. The three main options on the market right now are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR. The HTC Vive is the most expensive, while PSVR is the cheapest.

The sensors on the HTC Vive need two meters of height, but they can be placed anywhere around the room. The PSVR is best for smaller spaces because it only uses one sensor that sits on top of the TV and only needs a meter and a half of space from the player. The Oculus Rift is a little more complicated as it has two sensors on adjustable stands, which need to be altered based on the height of the player.

Flooring And Furnishing
When you are creating a VR gaming space, you need it to be versatile. You need to be able to quickly pull the furniture out of the way and create a lot of open space for VR gaming, and then easily put it back for standard console gaming. People often think carpets are best for VR gaming spaces because of the comfort, but you’re actually better off using engineered wood flooring because it’s durable and won’t get damaged as you move furniture around. You can then use an area rug to make things a bit more comfortable as you play. When it comes to picking furniture, avoid anything with a mirrored or glass surface because the reflection can interfere with the sensors. Keep it simple too because you don’t want any obstacles that could easily be knocked over while you are playing.

Safety Measures
Safety is so important when you are playing a VR game because you don’t have any spatial awareness. Your headset will be connected to the console or PC using a cable, so you need to ensure that there is plenty of room for cables and there is nothing in the way. Your headset will come with a cable but you can buy a longer one if you need one. It’s also safer to have your TV mounted on the wall instead of on a stand because it’s less likely to be knocked over. Finally, avoid buying any furniture with sharp edges because this can be dangerous if you knock into it while playing.

Stick to these basic steps and you can create the perfect space for incredible VR experiences.

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