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The Best and Worst Sci-Fi Video Games of All Time

Video games have been extremely popular ever since technology took over. And among the countless video game genres currently in vogue, sci-fi deserves a special mention. Science fiction video games perfectly encapsulate abstract realities with the help of advanced animation and designing.

In the right hands, sci-fi games teleport players to alternate realities that present complex challenges waiting to be solved. Although the genre has huge potential for exploitation, there have been more than a few disappointments over the years.

The video gaming industry isn’t the only ones capitalizing on the sci-fi craze. According to this article, quite a few online casinos are experimenting with the genre too. Follow the link if you enjoy online gambling. But first, here’s a list of the five most exciting and disappointing sci-fi video games of all time.

Top 5 Sci-Fi Video Games of All Time
1. Half-Life 2 – A cult classic in the video gaming industry, veteran gamers swear by half-Life 2. What makes things even better is protagonist Gordon Freeman, a physicist who doubles up as a mad scientist. The gameplay gets better over time as players are introduced to gravity guns, domesticated alien lifeforms, and more.

2. Fallout 3 – While a post-apocalyptic universe has been the theme of countless video games, nothing quite matches up to Fallout 3. Often considered the best in the series, the highlights include in-depth character creation and an open-world setting. The game lets players explore the world as they please.

3. Portal – Sci-fi games are usually associated with cutting-edge technology and the best of modern animation and graphics. But it wasn’t always that way! Back in 2007, Portal forced players to think in new directions and the experience was disorienting at times. The minimalist plot was a talking point as was the involving narrative. AI antagonist GlaDOS added a unique flavor to the mix.

4. StarCraft – While Warcraft might be the crown jewel of the Fantasy League, StarCraft remains the master of sci-fi warfare. Whether you’re fighting the Queen of Blades or hordes of alien soldiers, the game forces you to break the conventional line of thought in the quest for intellectual warfare. The game remains popular to this day in eSports and is a staple in South Korean gaming communities.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved – Halo revolutionized the sci-fi gaming sphere in multiple ways. It was the best multiplayer title among first-person shooters of the time and introduced a balanced weapon set. But it wasn’t the technical aspects that made Halo a fan favorite. The developers introduced thoughtful world-building to FPS and that was the game’s selling point.
The 5 Most Disappointing Sci-Fi Video Games of All Time
1. John Romero’s Daikatana – One of the stalwarts of sci-fi video games, Daikatana was slated to be the next big thing. But unlike Doom, the game failed to appeal to the players this time. Dated graphics and limited abilities were the final nails in the coffin.

2. Aliens: Colonial Marines – The game is an absolute disappointment on so many fronts that it’s hard to put into words. For starters, it’s poorly made and players never got used to the frequent glitches. The title was so bad that fans sued the studio for false advertising and won the lawsuit.

3. No Man’s Sky – False advertising was the downfall for No Man’s Sky too. The developers promised 18 quintillion planets, each with a unique environment. But that soon turned out to be false after the game launched. The primary gripes were the lack of variety and restrictive travel, and the game soon turned tedious.

4. Battlecruiser 3000AD – Long development times, unfortunately, don’t guarantee better performance, and Battlecruiser 3000AD is the perfect example. Despite spending over a decade in the production stage, the game was a massive disappointment. It was rigged with bugs, was unstable, and crashed frequently. It was so bad that any number of patches could not resolve the issues.

5. Dead Space 3 – When Dead Space launched back in the day, it was a novelty that merged survival horror with sci-fi. But by the time the developers launched the third iteration, the game had replaced its dark and intense roots with a generic shooter theme to appease a larger audience base. The rest is history.

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