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6 Features That Help Social Games Thrive

Many people think social games are primarily social-media-friendly games, but that’s not necessarily true. Simply put, social games are those that help you stay connected to other players during the game, both your accomplices and your opponents.

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to imagine our lives without these games. After all, regardless of whether you use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ve probably tried your hand at a game or two.

With social gaming on the rise, we have decided to find out what helps them thrive and how they got to where they are today. With that in mind, let’s see the six main features that have helped put social games on the map.

Push Notifications
Push notifications work similarly to social media notifications. You can get in-game notifications similar to the ones you receive when someone has liked your comment or post. Interestingly, according to some studies, around 42% of players have enabled their push notifications.

For instance, players can get notified when they receive a gift in Fortnite or an incentive in any House of Fun games. You can also use these alerts to send notifications, get informed about new activities, games, challenges, etc. Finally, they act as great motivators to get players back into the gaming world after a while.

Activity Feed
All successful social games must include an activity feed. Namely, such feeds allow players to follow other players’ activities carefully. Whether you’re playing Clash of Clans, where you can see when your friend was last online, or Poker Heat, where you can see others’ pots, this feed is likely to keep you engaged.

An activity feed is not only popular with millennials — both younger and older generations take advantage of it. What’s more, the addition of this feed is bound to improve any game. Players are free to follow up on others' progress, share their ideas and gaming experience, and more.

Live In-Game Chat
Another great tool to boost player engagement is live chat. Lately, most social game developers have been including a live in-game chat feature when creating games, as they understand how important the interactivity that comes with this feature is.

Giving players a platform to communicate during the game will contribute to the overall positive experience. Furthermore, it will save a lot of time, as they won’t have to switch to other apps to message their friends. What’s more, this feature enables players to chat with more than one person at a time, creating a sense of community.

You might not have heard of guilds before, but this feature helps players build communities united by playing styles, interests, and levels of engagement. Thanks to guilds, players are free to exchange items, collaborate, compete together, and accomplish various goals.

For example, you can do all of this when playing Fishdom or Homescapes. Guilds will help you either create or find a community that shares the same interests as you.

Achievements Leaderboard
What can fuel your competitiveness better than seeing other players’ achievements? With that in mind, many developers have included an achievements leaderboard within their games. That way, players can keep an eye on other players' activity and take note of their new scores and collected items.

Furthermore, seeing the live leaderboard after each completed task is something that might drive these players to be even more active. This motivates users to stay on the platform until they’re at the top of the board. Some even claim that options like sharing your score or challenging a friend directly from the leaderboard are bound to attract new competitive gamers.

Multiplayer Mode
Multiplayer mode is an important feature found in many games, as rarely anyone likes to play alone. Although there are numerous games for single play, social games are, by definition, not that. Including a multiplayer mode will only help attract more players who like to compete with their friends and showcase their versatility.

Some games allow their users to connect through the cloud or via Bluetooth, which works well only if you’re in the same room. However, others only need a platform and stable internet connection to make it work.

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