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How to Write Essay on Comic Books?

With so many comic book adaptations hitting cinema and streaming services as of late, comic books have gained the cultural following they’ve long deserved. Whether you’re in college or high school, you might be inclined to write about Alan Moore’s The Swamp Thing or Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

While some comic books may be more challenging to distill in essay form, it’s still quite doable through careful research and planning. Let’s discuss how you can write an essay on comics that left a mark on you or those you are simply a fan of.

Read the Comic at Least Twice
Depending on the author, comic books can be just as layered and complex as any other literary work. The aforementioned Moore is notorious for his social commentary and criticism of the superhero genre in The Watchmen and Miracle-Man for example.

As such, you really should read the book you want to write an essay for at least twice. Read it once to enjoy the story as you would with any other comic, and then reread it, take notes, and observe everything. No matter how big of a fan you are of said author’s work, be critical to write a good essay afterwards.

Research the Author & Their Publications

Every author you tackle in essay form is a story in themselves. Yes, Frank Miller wrote The Dark Knight Returns, but he also wrote All-Star Batman & Robin – the two books are opposites in quality.

Each author will have personal thoughts to share, biases they express in writing, as well as reasons for writing as they do. Take time to research their stories just as you do for the comic book itself.

Compare & Contrast to other Works
Comic books can easily be compared to other works in genres such as video games and cinema during essay writing. Take Fiona Staples’ Saga as an example, an amalgamation of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, two juggernauts of cinema and literature.

Every comic book you decide to write an essay for draws inspiration from somewhere. This can drastically change your views of the comic and enrich your reading experience, not to mention the quality of your essay.

Collect Plenty of Sources Before Writing
Depending on the academic level you are currently at, your professors will want a certain level of “academia” to be included in the essay. Look for resources on literature development, psychology, art, design as well as writing and cite them in your essay.

If you have thoughts on “I need to find the best site to write my paper with”, you should also look for online writing tools. These will help improve your writing skills and keep your essay within the set word count without lowering its quality in any way.

Outline the Essay with Subheadings

After you’ve collected your resources and have a good grasp on the comic you want to write about, it’s time to outline your essay. Think of it as chapter names in a graphic novel, as these subheadings will keep your essay focused.

Unlike comic books, your essay should also follow academic standards and include introduction and conclusion subheadings in the beginning and end, respectively. Start filling in each subheading with the information you’ve obtained so far, and the essay will slowly start coming together.

Proofread & Double-Check your Citations

Once you’re done writing your essay, you should take the time to review it properly before handing it in. Proofreading is an essential element of writing academic papers, essays included.

Given that you are writing about a comic book, it is doubly important to spell each word from the comic itself properly. For more complex words and terminology, cite your sources to the issues and volumes from which you’ve drawn. Format the essay properly to make it as legible as possible before handing it in for reading and grading.

Enjoying Comic Books through Essay Writing (Conclusion)
Writing essays about comic books can give you an entirely different perspective on your favorite graphic novels. Researching the author’s bibliography and the process which gave birth to the comic you’re writing about can be an immersive and memorable experience. Most importantly, the essay will make that book more approachable to whoever is reading the paper you wrote, effectively spreading your love for comic books.

Bio: Michael Carr is a writer, editor, and blogger who enjoys diving deep into pop culture industries like comics and video games through his articles. Michael loves to write both opinion pieces and academic papers. He sees every subsequent article or paper as a professional challenge and aims to do his best while learning along the way.

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