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Inspiring Lesbian Characters in Modern Geek Culture

Lesbian characters have become more common in geek culture over the last two decades. We have been given great portrayals of these individuals as they struggle against society, antagonists, and their inner turmoil. We’re going to take a look at how these women are portrayed in our collective culture and where they are going in the future.

How Has the Representation of LGBT Characters Changed Over the Years?
While it is somewhat common to see LGBT characters on television shows and in movies these days, that was certainly not always the case. In fact, even as recently as the 1990s, it was not common to have LGBT characters in the main role on a show. That is why it was so groundbreaking to see some of the most famous characters come about during that time period and shortly after. Their characters received various degrees of acceptance during the time in which they appeared on-screen. Such portrayals of characters have provided viewers with the strength they need to pursue who they are; people started to use lesbian dating sites and enter dedicated communities to meet like-minded individuals who share their tastes and desires. Seeing people that are great characters, heroes even, that share one’s sexuality is a sort of empowerment that makes people want to be equally brave in real life.

The Most Inspiring Lesbian Characters
Not every lesbian character was able to make a difference in terms of modern media. After all, they were hinted at, pushed off to the side, or had their personal lives hidden from view the whole time. Some were able to stand out front and loudly proclaim themselves, and that made them very inspiring, especially to the women that watched them. Here are the most inspiring ladies we can find in geek culture.

Xena (Xena Warrior Princess)
Xena is a powerful fighter, a force of justice, and a lesbian. The show took place back in the 1990s when it was very hard for a television program to feature a lesbian, but the show’s direction made it clear that is who she has been all along. Now, some people argue that she is not a lesbian, but the actress playing her and several other members of the show said that it was more than insinuation. Xena was written as a lesbian and was portrayed as much as possible during those times.
Willow Rosenberg (Buffy)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a well-rounded cast, including Willow Rosenberg. While she was a sweet and unassuming character, she eventually became bolder and powerful. She was out and proud as a lesbian in the show, even though she lost her partner and took revenge against her killer. The show was groundbreaking for its time.

Kate Kane (Batwoman)
Katherine Kane is the Prime Earth Batwoman in the New 52 line, and she is a lesbian as portrayed in the comics and later on the television show, Batwoman. The comic portrayal of Batwoman shows her as being a lesbian, and it’s not something that was shoehorned into her writing, either. The television show may have been a little less forward with the character, but that was owing to the haste with which this version of the famous character left the show.

Alex Danvers (Supergirl)
Also known as Sentinel, Alex Danvers is portrayed by Chyler Leigh, and she has been out but struggling with her identity throughout the early portions of the show. She is the adoptive sister of Supergirl and works to help her in many ways throughout the show. She has a major arc throughout the second season that deals with her coming to grips with her personal identity, culminating in her accepting that she is a lesbian.

These characters help young people see their worth as lesbians, and that makes every one of these characters incredible.

Inspiring Time for Those Who Are Looking for a Same-Sex Partner

The modern era is a time when people are seeking partners in new and interesting ways. Entire industries have been built in the pursuit of helping people meet the right match for them. Many of these services are dedicated to giving LGBT people a safe place to find partners without judgment and at the user’s desired pace. We live in a time that is inspired by amazing geek characters, and the future is looking brighter every day. As long as these characters, whether portrayed in television shows or films, continue to prove that it’s brave to be yourself, women will feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Lesbian characterizations have come a long way in recent years. We’ve gone from situations where the character’s lifestyle is hinted at to a time where a character can date another woman without a second look. It’s important to have positive representation now and in the future, and the stars that we have mentioned will continue to allow that to happen.

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