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How To Earn Online Being A Movie Buff In 2021

There are many ways to make money if you are a movie buff. I understand many people may tell film fanatics that they are just wasting their money on watching various movies, television series, and buying stuff related to artists.

However, have you ever wondered what that you can do with your knowledge of entertainment and how exactly you can earn money online by using everything you know about movies and any streaming content you watch?

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that you can earn money online without investing. Yes, the best thing about earning money online is that you can easily make money without investing your money, however it is important to add your time and efforts in order to generate that income.

Affiliate Marketing
First of all the various affiliate marketing programs are going to help you to make that extra money. They are big streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon prime, and so on. If you watch a lot of movies on any of these streaming platform and you feel you can recommend them to your audience then these platforms can provide a good amount of money for you.

Let’s understand what affiliate marketing is. In affiliate marketing, you don't need to create any product or service you can just simply go to any company and choose their affiliate marketing program which will allow you to share their products and services to your audience and whenever they use that service or the product you will get a certain amount of commission from that sale.

There are many affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Associate and WhatsWorth. Now, the question is how to start building an audience to whom you can actually cater all these products and services to.

Start Your Own Blogging Website
This is great for those people who feel that they have a good command of the English language and at the same time don't wish to face the camera. I know there are many people who start a YouTube channel, but trust me if you are not comfortable in front of a camera and you are not very aware of editing videos then blogging is one of the best things that you can do.

You can easily create a free blog and you don't have to pay anything for hosting either as websites such as WordPress and Wix allow you to create a blog absolutely free. How will you start getting paid? The process is quite simple as all you need to do is go to Google AdSense and sign-up your website over there. But before you sign up on Google AdSense make sure you publish at least 10 to 15 articles on your website and continue to write movie reviews or anything else related to entertainment.

Once your account gets approved on Google AdSense they will provide a few small lines of code to add to your website and their ads will start to appear. You can now get paid directly by Google itself and you don't have to rely on anyone else. The best part about using Google AdSense is that there is no limitation for earning, the more articles you publish the more visitors you will get and the more income you will receive.

Create YouTube Videos
If you think that you are someone who is very comfortable with making videos and you know how to edit them yourself then I would highly recommend you to go ahead and create a YouTube channel.

However people often ask who pays on YouTube, the answer to this question is again Google AdSense. It might seem that YouTube is directly paying you but in reality, it is Google AdSense that actually pays you for creating all these videos, because Google AdSense is a product of Google itself, and Google acquired YouTube.

Eventually, you will be working under one company and you are free to make as many videos as you want on whatever topic you would like to choose. You can create and edit a video in the way that you like the most and you don't have to copy anybody else’s style.

Be Consistent
It is important to be consistent in whatever you are doing online as the attention span of the user is very low. If you do not provide regular new content then people might easily forget you, as now is the time of fast moving Tiktok and Instagram Reels.

Your entire effort is going to be wasted if you don't publish content on a regular basis. Many people start their YouTube channels or affiliate marketing programs or start blogging, but they do it once in a month and then just get back in their regular lifestyle.

If this is what you had in mind then I would highly recommend you to stay away from anything creative on the internet because the most important thing online is to have a consistent strategy that you are following, otherwise people will quickly forget about you and move on..

Selecting a particular topic before you start any of the above-mentioned things is very important. If you start posting related to movies and then suddenly you add content related to politics, then there is a higher chance that your audience might leave your platform very quickly as they were not there for this topic that they're seeing now.

It is very important to stay with the topic that you have chosen in the first place otherwise your audiences will just unfollow your social media handles and they will also stop relying on you for purchasing any products, which means your affiliate marketing plan is going to be dust.

I would recommend you start everything on free platforms and do not pay any professional to do it on your behalf as you won't get any profit. Also if you love content related to movies then there are websites like Warped Factor, which will help you to stay updated.

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