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5 Games That Were Announced And Then Cancelled

Who doesn't like playing games? According to therapists, some games can help cope with psychological problems. Others even let users win money. For example, if someone makes eSports his profession or plays at the TonyBet casino regularly. However, some games announced by well-known studios ended up never being released, and we've rounded up 5 of them below...

Fallout: Van Buren
Fallout: Van Buren was supposed to be Fallout 3. But at the end, we got Skyrim with guns. Why? All because of Interplay Entertainment. The company decided that computers are a past age and focused on the console division, developing Brotherhood of Steel for PS2 and Xbox. Already on the development stage, the marketing experts of the company looked into the future and saw the overwhelming success of Brotherhood of Steel, then they realized that they had to start developing the second part before the first one was released.

Fallout: Van Buren was almost completed, but it was shut down to start developing Brotherhood of Steel 2. When Brotherhood of Steel came out in 2004, it was a commercial failure and the entire Black Isle Studios team were fired because of it. Fallout 3 was also criticized by fans, and only in Fallout: New Vegas they managed to return a part of the Fallout: Van Buren experience.

Ant Simulator
Ant Simulator was supposed to be a first-person ant simulator. The development of the project was led by Eric Tereshinski, who raised $4,400 for the game through Kickstarter. But soon Tereshinski badmouthed his business partners Tyler Monce and Devon Staley and said that they had spent all the money raised on bars, restaurants, and booze. Monce and Staley issued a rebuttal, saying that it was Tereshinski's fault that the company ran out of money because he spent it all on his needs. As a result, the game was shut down.
Anthem Next
In 2019, a controversial game from BioWare called Anthem came out. It is a third-person, open-world multiplayer shooter that was not appreciated by fans and critics alike. Some players saw it as an attempt to copy Destiny and Halo, while others didn't appreciate the monotonous gameplay, awkward interface, and enemies that are slightly different from each other.

In February 2020, BioWare decided to rehabilitate itself and release Anthem Next, which would be something in the vein of Final Fantasy XIV with interesting gameplay and atmosphere. But a year later, in February 2021, Anthem Next was officially cancelled due to a coronavirus. BioWare stated that the pandemic affected the productivity of the development team because they were under excessive stress.

Project Ragtag
Project Ragtag is a single-player game that Visceral Games was responsible for developing. Under the direction of Electronic Arts, they were developing a single-player game in the third-person Star Wars universe. Fans were waiting for something like Uncharted with the same adventure story, but in a fantasy universe.

In 2015, Star Wars: Battlefront was released and received high marks from critics and players. Realizing that it was better to milk the multiplayer mode, EA scrapped Project Ragtag, prioritizing development of Battlefront II. In 2017, Visceral Games was shut down and development of the game was halted. The official reason for the cancellation was given as linear gameplay and story. Most likely, by that time the company had already realized that single-player games are not something to make as much money on.
Castlevania: Resurrection
Thousands of fans were waiting for new game, but Castlevania: Resurrection, which was initially planned for March 2000, never arrived. The reason was that, in Konami's opinion, the Sega Dreamcast would not have pulled the game market, and it was destined to fail.

The Sega Dreamcast was Sega's last console, getting off to a tentative start and failing in sales. But since Konami knew the Sega Dreamcast wouldn't become popular, why did they continue to develop for it and almost get this game complete and then cancel it?

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