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How LGBTQ Characters Affect Personal Relationships of Geek Culture Lovers

LGBTQ characters are finally getting attention on big and small screens. That helps the whole community and every one of its members. Today we’ll focus on some LGBTQ movie characters who have helped those who associate as LGBTQ+ in accepting themselves and start dating. But first, we’ll explain why it’s good that different kinds of relationships are shown to a big audience.
Finding Love and Building Relationships Like in Your Favorite Geek Piece
Being an LGBTQ member and a geek used to be a tough combination. Fortunately, the whole world is becoming more accepting and understanding towards the LGBTQ community. That’s a result of the combined effort of many people, but geek movies for a big audience where one of the characters isn’t straight or cisgender helped a lot more than anyone expected.

Firstly, some close-minded straight people have slowly begun to realize it’s ok to be different. That’s a huge win. Secondly, millions of LGBTQ geeks found the courage to be themselves, an even bigger win. Finally, instead of putting themselves down, geeks started being open after seeing how well-accepted characters of different sexual orientations were accepted. Many geeks got inspired to look for love and seek relationships because of that. The good thing is that geeks understand the power of technology, so they didn’t hesitate to join LGBT dating sites. They knew modern matchmaking is efficient and can make finding a partner easy wherever they were, be it America or Australia. Also, LGBT geeks know that numerous filters and matchmaking games make the quest of finding love simpler because it makes it possible to look for a specific type of person.

Often people with low self-esteem think that nobody would want to date them, but LGBTQ+ characters in popular movies helped to change that. So let's look at some superheroes who didn’t defeat only their enemies, but they also defeated prejudices that changed many lives.

LGBTQ Superheroes Whose Screen Appearances Inspire Community Members
Superhero movies are more than action movies. They’ve been inspiring kids and adults ever since they got on the big screens. However, the most important perk superheroes brought is, showing everyone that being an LGBTQ member makes you different only by sexual orientation. When some LGBTQ superheroes got attention in popular movies, millions of fans finally made peace with themselves and decided to seek love.

The Nordic god who couldn’t decide if he’s good or evil also can’t decide which gender he likes more. If you’re puzzled now because you don’t remember a scene in any Marvel movie where Loki opens up, don’t worry. Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. Loki became officially bisexual and genderfluid after the 3rd episode of the TV show “Loki.”

Who’s the funniest superhero? Deadpool, of course. You knew that. But did you know he’s pansexual? Yes, our favorite funny guy is attracted to all people regardless of their gender. It looks like he isn’t just the funniest, but he’s also full of love under that red suit.
The whole world is talking about the upcoming Marvel movie, “Eternals.” There is a bigger reason for that than Eternals being the next superhero movie. Phastos, one of Eternals, is openly gay, which is a huge step forward for Marvel, the LGBTQ community, and geeks.

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn is played by Margot Elise Robbie, an Australian actress. Many young girls, her fans from Australia and all over the world, accepted their sexuality thanks to Margot’s role as a bisexual hero/villain.
Nia Nal aka Dreamer
DC Comics got a big plus in the eyes of the whole LGBTQ community when they introduced the first transgender superhero in their TV show Supergirl back in 2018.

Things are looking well for geek LGBTQ+ members because of the introduction of many non-straight superheroes into mainstream TV shows and movies, many of whom openly talk about their sexuality. And this all helps the world’s population to become more tolerant, understanding and accepting of others, no matter how they may identify. This can only be a good thing for us all.

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