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Today In STAR TREK History: August 13th

This kind of stuff never happens above decks.
Welcome to our round-up of the Star Trek episodes which received their premiere broadcast on this day throughout the show's long history, along with anything else of note that may have taken place. All viewing figures quoted are for U.S. premiere broadcast (unless noted).

August 13th
Premiering on this day in 2020, the second episode from the first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks was released on to the CBS All Access streaming service (now rebranded Paramount+). Titles Envoys, it sees Boimler assigned to a mission to transport Klingon general K'orin to the Federation Embassy on Tulgana IV. Mariner has herself assigned to the same mission, revealing that she is old friends with K'orin. The pair drink and reminisce while Boimler flies them to the planet. After they land, a drunken K'orin steals the shuttlecraft.

Fun fact: In her drunken sleep, Mariner says "Buried alive. Marooned for eternity." which is what Khan Noonien Singh said when he left James T. Kirk marooned on Regula, as Kirk had supposedly done to Khan on Ceti Alpha V. She also sleepily mutters "moons of Nibia", which was a reference to Khan saying that he would chase Kirk "'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares maelstrom and 'round perdition's flames" before giving up his mission of vengeance against Kirk.

Join us again next time for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the movie's released, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Star Trek history.

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