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When Gender Identity, Geek Culture, and Online Romance Intersect

When you think about it, there are different aspects of your personality that influence your romantic relationships. One biggie is definitely your gender identity, and another is who you are attracted to in the dating world. Depending on your personal journey, social norms affect you in different ways. For example, imagine the man who transitioned to a woman, and, now, she wants to date women. Is she a lesbian? Well, yes, but she had a lifetime of socialization as a male? It’s tough to define herself and know where she fits in. Fortunately, when you use dating sites, you can find the niche for your current lifestyle. Here are some important considerations:

Why the transgender community favors a geek culture targeting LGBT individuals

The transgender community recognizes that people have different hobbies and quirks that occupy their free time. They don’t stop being video game or comics lovers, for instance, just because they find love. They know that geek culture brings people together over their favorite characters, games, TV and video shows, and more, without looking at their gender, chosen or given at birth. If you want to share an intense hobby like cosplay, which is evidently geeky, then you can focus on meeting someone through this kind of social activity, either online or in person. And if you want to tie in your hobby to your romantic pursuits, then checking out the reviews of different websites for trans lesbian dating in the USA can be immensely helpful, as you might learn if you can combine your search for a partner with different filters to find the exact type of geeky person that will go out with you and find pleasure in it. Wouldn’t it be fun to explore your favorite activities together?

How trans characters are reflected on transgenders’ romantic relationships

Recently, on Star Trek: Discovery, there was a groundbreaking romance between a non-binary character, Adira, and a transgender character, Gray. To mix things up more, the former being was human, and the latter being was Trill. Their intergalactic romance challenged modern social norms and what is human versus alien. It makes you realize that any two beings, regardless of how they define themselves, can love each other with chemistry and common values. Because this Trekkie show appeared on a major TV network, it’s important to take note and observe how it was another step in the gradual improvement of how the culture views transgenders.

Inevitably, fans of the Star Trek Universe drew a parallel with another character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax, who was a Trill as well and had the experience of incarnation in both female and male bodies. Of course, she was not transgender in the modern sense, but she retained the experience of previous hosts of the symbiont, which means she had memories of relationships with both men and women, while being themselves of different genders at different periods of Dax’s life. One of the episodes also mentions Jadzia's short lesbian relationship with a woman, who was Dax's wife back in the days when the symbiont was in the male body.

How gender filters and geeky things help you find true love on dating sites

So, hot to get your own romance story? Online, as we discussed, is the easiest way. When joining a dating site, use the brand’s filters to screen for people of a preferred gender, which might be non-binary (AKA no gender). But, open your mind to answering messages from people of other genders. When someone messages you, they make the first contact. They read something in your profile that sounds interesting and comment, ask a question, or want to know more about it. As you respond and the dialogue intensifies, you realize that your common bond breaks down barriers between strangers. Having a sustained conversation with a new friend makes you vulnerable but offers many rewards. Your connection strengthens over time. After meeting in person, you could choose to remain friends, like you did when you were discussing your favorite geeky things, such as Star Trek, on the dating site. Or, if you feel chemistry with a new person, you could both act on those impulses and explore something deeper.

How far you take an online relationship is up to you. Many factors in your life also affect whether you have time for dating, such as your work schedule, distance, and obligations to family members.

Diving into your geeky hobbies is intense. All your attention leaves the external world and enters a fantasy realm. It’s fun to invite a person to meet you at a group event, such as a comic or space convention. You can be whoever you want to be and make friends over this hobby-specific language. Some friendships made online will be with you for life.

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